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  1. NTA Just wondering, you said the child had no mom. Did something happen to the mom? If bio mom has passed away perhaps the parents were trying to "make up" for the loss of her bio mom by spoiling her because they felt sorry for her losing her. I know it's not a justification, your mom really loves her maybe there is a 3rd party that could have a talk with your parents about little ones behavior like a relative that your parents respect? She's only 8 years old isn't to late for change because as other's have pointed out they are actually hurting her in the long run. She is old enough that maybe you could have a heart to heart with her, if she really adores you? To her you are her sister and maybe in the future you can at the least be friends. I do agree what you said was mean. My parents adopted my sister's child and spoiled the crap out of her, I hated being around her when she was little, so I get it. Things can change though I love my sister/niece and she is now an amazing mom and person.

  2. Ah, yeah. She's definitely too old to be acting like this, but there's still time to change things if they actually put in the effort

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