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  1. Hear me out here: You’ve been tainted, like me, by live service game hijinks.

  2. There is still no personality or point to cold damage. Slow isn’t half as effective as dead, regardless of the % slow. Status without bonus damage potential don’t count for much.

  3. I’m probably a weak, low health character that throws little low damage wisps that deal small amounts of deathblight.

  4. Hmm. Idk about all the duping stuff. Some guy gave me ai valves and I’m like. What about my trade route. What about actually playing the game

  5. You’ve gotta ask yourself Traveller. Ask yourself if the game of NMS is about making money in NMS or, alternatively, simply to see and do more stuff.

  6. I’ve had pretty good luck finding people. We need the little message drones to get an update. A visitor list checkin. That way, when I find a base, if it has the drone I can leave some evidence I was there.

  7. To this day I still maintain that we deserve a spell that creates a small zone that makes ANY player standing in it INVISIBLE.

  8. It has a healthy chance of being good. Too bad D&D is basically in a neverending controversy over money grubbing. People are gonna get dragged into the world just to get treated stupid by the game.

  9. Stack caps and behavior should be decided on a per status basis.

  10. Someday, maybe not in this game but in a game like it, it’d be cool to have to use a hiding mechanic to avoid something like a Cat.

  11. There are lots of plot points there were introduced in events during beta while the star chart was young, which means players of today just don’t get a ton of info at all from the star chart.

  12. I don’t really use Rivens. I don’t pop em open, I think I’ve only ever even equipped one once on a Melee. This has been true since Rivens were added to the game.

  13. This sounds great on paper, until you realize that the link between total time investment and the mastering of gameplay mechanics is kinda weak.

  14. Kind of, I agree there are exceptions both ways, but in the law of averages, your "bad" MR 30 person is probably more likely to be playing a meme build, being lazy or doesn't want to nuke the whole map. Over confidence can be a thing too sometimes hahah.

  15. Low key, I always kinda wished we’d get some level of super basic item frame for these. Like, they sometimes have novel names or flavor text. I’d like to have some way to use them in a ship museum or something.

  16. It would entertain me deeply if Thanos was defeated by the Avengers and his purgatory was Dreamlight Valley. Just saying.

  17. I really can’t envision myself ever spending money in micro transactions for a game like this. If I can’t earn it playing I don’t care, for one, but also just that cash shops are usually kinda cancerous. They’ve got the amount of money I’m gonna part with for a game like this.

  18. Imagine: An Adv Voiceover setting where you can individually tune the frequency of idle dialogue from the cast. Just in case you’d rather a character be seen and not heard, like maybe you dislike Gothel or find Donald disruptive.

  19. You’re right. I can wind it back. I’m having that day where you have the same convo twice in two places. Not even that far apart. All my bad.

  20. I agree for the most part about the live-action remakes. Aladdin was the only one I felt was on par with the original, and there's only one Disney live-action film I'm really looking forward to—The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Both because it's my favorite Disney movie and deserves more attention, and because I feel like they could make it an adaptation of the stage play, which took both elements from the Disney film (songs included) and the original novel).

  21. I also enjoyed Aladdin as its own thing, I kinda went in with no expectations and that paid off. Rebooting or adapting these projects isn’t a catastrophe automatically, it’s that rarely does enough DNA of the original remain in the new work to properly give me as a non-child viewer what amounts to a satisfying connection. It’s tricky not to accidentally just make a worse version of something we grew up on purely because it doesn’t hit the right spots on the heartstrings. All highly subjective stuff.

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