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  1. I think the baby was born when she took the social media "break"... the last few weeks was all lies. The Queen dying threw a wrench into their plans.

  2. You’re helping him on his “ fatherhood journey “..🙄

  3. The tough thing is most arch Republicans, while being vehemently Anti-Alec Baldwin, are also notoriously Pro-Gun and anti-legislature limiting their use or enhancing safety precautions. That's just how it is So I dunno as per the replacement, could go either way.

  4. Most Republicans- yes they are for guns but they are also BIG on gun safety and rules. They follow strict nra rules and one huge rule is when you have a gun in your hand you better be ready to take responsibility for whatever happens. You don't EVER point a gun at anyone unless you are prepared to kill them. He didn't follow OnE rule.

  5. The use of the word fan is a stretch. I don't consider myself a fan of train wrecks though I'm guilty of having morbid curiosity. There's absolutely nothing admirable or worthy of appreciation about her life. I'm so grateful I'm not her.

  6. Seeing her kids immortalized as babies in photos like that in a row is really fucking creepy.


  8. "Prison is looking better every day, " mutters Alec on his way to his apartment.

  9. On his way upstairs to his Johnnie Walker and another viewing of Hunt for Red October

  10. That honor might have to go to Edu Jr. based on resemblance alone. (ducks, hides I said what I said! Lol)

  11. “Childhood trauma” + “Abuse”— what Hilaria is reposting as relatable.

  12. Doesn’t it seem like she thought #7 would make life more like pre-Griftmas?

  13. We should all be “Hilaria” for Halloween.

  14. She tries to make it seem like it's something really hard to explain or a long story, but it's not. Nobody is asking for the specific dates on her passport or even the total number of times she visited... just a short summary... like "I went to third grade in X city" or "we would go for a few weeks every summer." I doubt she's been more than a few weeks total and I'm not even sure she's ever even been to her parents' place in Mallorca as an adult.

  15. I just noticed that she filtered the shit out of Alec. His legs are so thin.

  16. I think Papi's been giving her a lot of shit about Siete being home and the timing of this wonderful event

  17. Probably not. And neither does JLo. (Well, badly... worse than Hillary actually.)

  18. Yeah, JLo's spoken many times about how embarrassed she is she can't speak Spanish so this book is...a choice

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