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  1. I don't think posts like this are cute. They're kid-shaming. Leo doesn't look "cute" with all the chocolate and crumbs smeared all over his mouth and face.

  2. So Alec "knew" Hannah was drugged up and yet he trusted her word about the safety of guns.

  3. Alec in his Red Skelton Hobo coat, Hillary pushing a "Fancy Pussycat Doll" Lewk; and of course their abusive marriage pose

  4. "Heeeee bite" - Alex dummying down english for the interviewer, although she spoke English

  5. This interview had some other classic Big Larry moments like “he’s learning, he learning” and “lez do what we do”

  6. he doesn’t like “the politicalization of the situation” due to Alec’s “boombastic off-screen persona” ...

  7. It is INSANE they pretend that posting their own pics & press is DEVALUING it for the paps. Posting private pics doesn’t equal craving privacy. You don’t see other celebs do this nearly as much. These lame two are just trying to stay relevant w putting things out there. If a famous family or couple appears in the DM, PEOPLE etc, they are considered "press-worthy" & reported on/relevant so THIS is why the paps bother! THIS IS THEIR M.O. I don't believe fora second Alec wants to be a private figure. He just doesn't want BAD Press is all. He loathes scrutiny that doesn't go his way. He laps up the good press (he mostly buys) & anything that makes him look important, funny, handsome, upstanding, younger, like anyone gives a sh$t what he is up to.

  8. I SOBBED and SOBBED all throughout this episode, starting with the two at the piano.

  9. He's like a more abrasive version of Turtle and E from Entourage, or the various actors who had minor roles in the Sopranos.

  10. It is such sweet, poetic justice that the Brownface Fiery Latina Minstrel Press Conference happened right after the "successful" push for 1 million followers

  11. She’ll probably keep Alec’s urn in there and she hablar con el todos los horas, that’s my guess.

  12. That’s what happens when you try and make your mouth speak in an accent it didn’t grow up speaking in.

  13. Plus, telling Carmen that her movie movie probably wasn’t going to happen

  14. That’s what convinced me he’s a sociopath. He just killed a colleague and wounded another. Maybe he kept his composure for the cops, sure, ok, but speaking to your spouse? Who doesn’t break down at that point? Who says. Hey the vacay is bought and paid for, we might as well use it?? I’d hope they show that to the jury. That was pretty telling as to his state of mind imo

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