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Must watch Wakey wines Fake prime

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  1. Ironic that people keep asking for Bivol v some washed up older man or some Mexican he already beat but never ask for Bivol to fight a warrior in his prime like Pineda.

  2. There is also a reason why Canelo doesn't want to fight for Mexican fighters anymore.

  3. ah. im not into anime so i didn’t know.

  4. :( Someone already spoiled it for me, and it’s getting split into half again.

  5. No, I did this and suffered no legal consequences. I still regret it to this day, but the batsman’s family forgave me and, in an effort to make things better, I married his widow. We are still married today and we joke by calling us The Beamer Buddies. Hope this helps

  6. bc this time women's team should whoop everyone's ass. our team has been cup-less for way too long.

  7. Guy copy pasted my comment word for word and is getting all the credit for it.

  8. Idris should just go back to facing pros, and Mams said he wasn't gonna allow Idris to fight on Misfits again, unless its a fight with another pro.

  9. I really want to believe Wassabi, but he needs to provide some evidence.

  10. No it was actually Kohli and Rohit. Ritika got jealous and out of love for Rohit, Virat started a fake rift, to save Rohit. After the 2019 WC, Virat over time fell in depression after he couldn't be with his true love. He was also competing with Rohit for the captaincy spots, which wounded Virat, hence his decline in form in 2020-2022.

  11. I'm struggling against spin. If not spin, then starc will bowl a short ball to me and I would be in dressing again

  12. Lmao Koach averages 61 against Starc in test cricket, Im more worried about Cummins and Lyon.

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