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  1. Upstream is before the converter downstream is after...

  2. I know the difference but when I look the the sensors they look the same I need to know how to tell the difference between them

  3. Two important things are missing from this receipt. The first is where were these eggs bought. Some regions are always cheaper than others, though eggs seem to be expensive everywhere. Also, when was this from? This could be a receipt from 2 years ago. It wouldn't be the first time someone posted something misleading. Not saying you are or aren't. But info is key here. Especially when not a single commenter has even come close to that price.


  5. Nope. $4.63 over here. Still cheaper to get eggs at Costco. Costco's eggs are larger and cage free too.

  6. Lucky I would be getting them from Costco too but none of the ones on the way home have any

  7. Something like this happened at my family's Thanksgiving dinner I knew there was a small tear in my khaki pants I thought it would be fine but I had a couple of them pointing it out I just told them I knew and that it was fine still thinking it's a small tear but at some point I reached back to check and it ripped to basically my whole thigh it was hilarious

  8. I've seen it be a Chekhov's Gun in a few litRPGs.

  9. I'd understand if it was a passive perk like a roll the possibilities but the stat seems like it should be continuous, high enough stat your walking down a dirt road trip and fall on idk a pokeball with a rayquaza or a failed assassination ya know... luck

  10. like in the bottom? i think that’ll give it more like ocean vibes than space one

  11. This one for lockscreen and the chum bucket one as home screen colors just kinda sync... I mean it already has water vibes I thought it looked cool

  12. Pliers for the broken part, Ebay for the key and fob SHELL got mine for $7ish, got my key carved for $35 (if it's carved in the middle like a Lexus) if not Home Depot would probably be cheaper after it's done being carved it's probably going to be sharp, so shove it in and out of a lock on the door you don't care about to smooth it out

  13. If you're going to use the broken part for now just make sure the fob is in range of where you start it or your car will not start (at least that's what it does for mine)

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