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À votre place, je la ramènerais pas ! Parce que qui ici, quel député, est prêt à vivre juste un mois avec 764,10€ ? Avec le salaire moyen d'un agent d'entretien ? Qui ? Allez-y, levez le bras ! Y a personne ? En revanche, vous voterez tous contre un coup de pouce au Smic !

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  1. Well I just really wanted to get 100 so I can easily convert everyone after make another new religion.

  2. in that case, I'd advise you take the "thoughtful" perk (doubles giving gift opinion) then give gift before converting.

  3. On pourrait arriver à la même fin en ayant moins d'étudiants à la fac et plus dans les apprentissages de métier

  4. l'apprentissage de métier est très utile à la société mais c'est pas aussi créateur de nouvelles entreprises/innovations que la faq. Et les métiers associés ont tendance à rapporter plus d'impôts (ingé en info par ex).

  5. C'est peut-être anecdotique mais je dirais de ceux dans mon entourage qui ont suivi le parcours apprentissage 1/3 a sa propre entreprise comparé à environ 1/20 de ceux qui ont fait l'université. Mais peut-être que j'ai mal compris.

  6. ce n'est pas toi qui a mal compris, c'est moi qui me suis mal exprimé. Quand quelqu'un fait un CAP boucherie par exemple, il a beaucoup plus de chances de créer une entreprise mais l'entreprise en question sera une boucherie.

  7. Take it as them requesting a lie from you.

  8. Prove that if I didn't exist you would have got it.

  9. Don't know why this is considered a good thing. I know so many 30 somethings who are struggling to get pregnant. There's nothing wrong with having kids in your 20's and I hate how its stigmatized.

  10. This many downvotes on a literal fact?

  11. Because it's not worrisome when you have universal healthcare and countless methods to detect birth disorders.

  12. it depends on whose child you are and where you are born in Tunisia.

  13. C'est à des gens comme toi que je pensais quand j'ai écrit ça :

  14. Tu veux qu'on fasse quoi? Une manifestation contre les antivaxx et anti masque ? Une manifestation contre la manif pour tous?

  15. Because that's the only way people will stop asking for favours from you.

  16. It's because you re not chia. You re probably Sunni.

  17. If sex life was great, probably bi.

  18. Why do they look so much cooler than current Tunisians? I mean in terms of appearance

  19. Do it ASAP. When you are above 18, it gets a lot more complicated.

  20. Oh boy I wanted jayden from wmw to live and to become important somehow but nope.

  21. My sex drive is (alas) not that high. Because of that, I don't value it much so basically anything enjoyable (playing a game I m into, reading, a good convo)

  22. J'adore les tronches choquées. Bah oui, ça fait mal d'entendre la vérité en pleine face. 764 € par mois j'aimerais en effet bien les voir essayer de (sur)vivre avec ça.

  23. J'ai vécu avec 350€/mois pendant mes études (logement compris)

  24. A part les enfants le premier poste de dépenses d'un ménage c'est toujours le loyer/prêt.

  25. C'est vrai. Mais pour un travailleur c'est 30% du budget.

  26. I actually love equal preference, but female dominated + unrestricted marriage + consort/polygamy is a great way to slow down how many kids get popped out.

  27. If they have no profile Face pic and don't send one in the first message, to me, it's as if I never received their message.

  28. Get your girlfriends on this game. If she’s not into strategy games just tell her it’s like the sims except you can kill your kids. Works every time.

  29. Bold of you to assume I have a girlfriend!

  30. Right click seduce what’s your intrigue king

  31. Idk about others but, fat-ish guy here, slowly reducing my weight and getting fit. I wouldn't "settle" for a guy because of my weight. Instead, I try to wait for when I m satisfied with myself and my body to start dating.

  32. When did I talk about religion?

  33. So we should do immoral things in order not to do the same things as the US?

  34. You forgot to raise your dread. Gotta do more executions

  35. If you wanna go abroad, the foreign one is your best pick. Most Tunisians that manage to move out do it that way. It's much more difficult once you have finished your education.

  36. From what I learned it seems easier to adopt older children, it’s something I see myself doing later… I don’t get why people obsess on newborns when there are a lot of older children stuck in the system with no chance

  37. because non newborns have a background... Their lives could ve been aweful before getting adopted. Perhaps they were beaten up by their parents and so on.

  38. Nothing is wrong with atheism i just don’t like it when people become atheists just to be different and against the norm with out having valid reasons or thoughts about it .

  39. It's not like people are Muslim because of valid reasons or thoughts either so....

  40. Its not only an atheists thing i would feel the same way about a muslim that didn’t actually think about islam and why he follows that religion.

  41. Yeah sure, so you feel that way about most/regular people?

  42. Cursed everything… what’s Scotland doing there

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