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  1. Unless they found a TARDIS and went back to 1976 to recruit them, they did not get Skynyrd. They got the one original member and a bunch of cosplayers who call themselves Lynyrd Skynyrd. But they did not get Lynyrd Skynyrd in anything but name.

  2. We know bud. Blink 182 also only has one original member but I still let people enjoy it.

  3. Yeah was called Lucas oil i 10 speedway, looks like they're calling it Blythe speedway now. Opening back up next February.

  4. That's great! Yeah, I used to go there when the Lucas Oil Modifieds raced there. I remember a guy named Greg Sheydecker used to be involved with running that track. Glad to hear it's back. I wonder if the mods would come back now that you mention it 🤔.

  5. It must be abnormal that a team has two different manufacturers like Team Hezeberg?

  6. Rick Wares done it a bunch of times. Premium motorsports and MBM have done it. Front row motorsports did it for a while with dodges and chevys. Not really uncommon for independent teams to run whatever they can buy.

  7. Yeah they changed their name and made a random comeback with Greg Biffle for a handful of races. Now their existence is still a mystery so yeah it is kind of fun to drag their name/story into any sketchy team news/rumors.

  8. I read they sold their equipment and are done again. At least they sold it instead of it getting stolen this time I guess.

  9. Too bad Morgan Shepherd stopped racing. He probably raced against Ralph Earnhardt.

  10. So I looked this up out of boredom and here's some drivers from his first dabble in Cup during 1977 as I go through the points list:

  11. And thats just his first modern era cup starts. His first cup start came in 1970 at hickory where he also ran late models starting in 1967.

  12. As a cannabis user, I am VERY happy to see it represented in NASCAR. After the stillbirth of my daughter me and my wife went through absolute hell and rather than take regular medicine, we opted to try cannabis.

  13. I haven't seen a coors car since I was a teenager, and I'm not that young

  14. As someone who drinks both, busch is way grosser. They do both use mountains for their advertising so yeah maybe.

  15. never bought a camping ticket and just passed out in the back of my truck before, nobody cared

  16. Yeah I just wear it whenever. Except that time in middleschool when my teacher made me turn my mark Martin viagra shirt inside out. So don't do that I guess

  17. I got in school suspension for wearing a Dick Trickle dura lube shirt in 6th grade

  18. ha dang that's some bullshit. Its just his name. Not your fault his name rules.

  19. Would Kaulig switch to Toyota? Would be interesting because outside of Gibbs there really isn't any other Toyota teammate in the xfinity series. Would allow Kyle to keep his Truck team and then put Toyota at 8 cup cars.

  20. Doesn't mean much, but before he started his own team I'm pretty sure kaulig sponsored a Toyota

  21. I wish NASCAR had come up with an outlet for the Gen6 cars to be used, gotta be tough for teams to throw away such awesome cars for pennies on the dollar. I kind of liked Jr's idea of making a NASCAR class in IMSA, that would have been fun.

  22. Only the chassis though and after modification. The rest of the car is worthless

  23. The chassis pretty much is the car. Changing the body isn't that big of a deal.

  24. Wonder if any team are in a similar situation, history says yes. If I had to make a guess... Miami has a lot of cocaine money and there is a team with a lot of recent success....

  25. It is, but the outside person might see you going to a "Race Rally" and assume the worst.

  26. Yeah I mean I get it but, its still not the best joke. To quote the great meatwad "I get it but I ain't laughing".

  27. I mean he could run the #48 for another team like trackhouse since Hendrick is at 5 teams and they are the team that bought out the team he runs for now (ganassi). I don't see it as a totally likely thing but hey, its possible.

  28. I genuinely got sad when Morgan Shepherd and Derrike Cope retired. I know they haven't ran well in decades, but man it was weird that after watching them for 30 years they just aren't here anymore even part time.

  29. What about wins? Thought that was what a driver was supposed to do Be honest he could have had Brad or kept Kyle and they would have had to expand the trophy case

  30. What about them? Johnson won everything then. Jr brought more sponsors and therefore made more money for them. They're a business.

  31. I caught on fire once and they put me on some clip show, either worlds most dangerous drivers or worlds dumbest, or both. Thats the most i got noticed, hope this helps.

  32. I knew it was either this week or next week after he tweeted a picture of him getting his custom seat made yesterday, but the biggest question I have is will he be allowed to race under the Russian flag? Only reason why I have this question on my mind is because NASCAR enforced a ban on political messaging as a result of LGBcoin and NASCAR made changes to the rules starting from the West Coast Swing to allow teams to show their support for Ukraine

  33. I don't think anyone really races under any flag as much they just write down their hometown for the announcers to say.

  34. Ford gave a small truck the name Maverick which was what the Pinto like sedan from the 70's was called.

  35. Sounds like someone needs to take their tinfoil hat off. Next your going to tell me Richard Petty is a lizard person from beyond the moon. You're really reading way TOO much into something that is not there. Ken was the first on the scene and saw what the accident did to Dale. Only Ken, the EMTs, and doctors truly know how horrific and graphic the injuries were. That's what Jr was referring to.

  36. You're close. Petty is a lizard but the moon is a hologram because the earth is flat.

  37. Interesting fact is Rowdy Manufacturing using Haas CNC machines

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