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  1. Unfortunately a lot of people still think the LGBTQ+ community are. Especially LGBTQ+ teachers or adoptive parents etc.

  2. I love this sub and also hate it. Obviously I'm getting the game but since I work full time now I have a backlog of switch games because of yall. Thank you so much for posting this.

  3. Female ferrets die if they do not mate once they go into heat.

  4. Wow googled it because I like ferrets and wow! Apparently it's very important to get your female ferrets spayed if you don't intend to mate it. (There's also temporary methods of birth control).

  5. "I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it." --Jack Handey

  6. Yeah I'm a little nervous about humans ever meeting aliens because if they don't attack us we may attack them...

  7. Depression medication after a psych evaluation

  8. Yep depression meds and therapy for me. Not being in a state of constantly wanting death really helps with productivity. Once we dealt with the depression and anxiety we were also able to work on the ADHD and get meds to help with that which also helped enormously, both with being productive and with the depression.

  9. Why the hell do companies think potential employees have so much time to do all these different interviews and shadows and tests, all on different days? If you’re already employed it seems odd to be requesting so many days off at random times or calling in sick, and if you’re not you’re presumably going to interviews for different places as well. All that going back and forth wastes time and money, and some people can’t wait a month on a job doing this nonsense. Plain and simple. NTA.

  10. Yeah like people are pointing out sometimes you have 3-4 interviews but I'd think typically those interviews would only be like an hour or so each. This company seems to want 10 hours worth of interviews with this person! That's a lot of time to be spent on interviewing with a single company.

  11. I feel like the difference is the second interview being 8 hours long. Typically even if you have 3-4 interviews they're only like an hour or so each. Whereas with the third interview it's going to be more like 10 hours interviewing for this one interview. If you're going to have someone shadow for a full day I'd think it'd make sense for it to be the final interview where they've mostly made up their mind. I probably would have gone along with it but I would also be complaining to my friends about the interview process.

  12. Firstly, I apologize if this doesn’t read well. I’m doing this hastily while at work. A friend of mine and her roommate are getting ready to move out of state and the roommate does not want to take TJ with them for some reason- TJ is the roommates rat. She told me he’s about three years old and that his back legs don’t work all that well but other than that he is healthy. TJ grew up with his brother Milo but Milo passed away earlier this year. He is neutered and friendly. I want to take him in because I want this distinguished gentleman to have a happy rest of his life. I just don’t want this decision to impact our two girls negatively. Luna and Perk (our girls) are a little over a year old and get along very well. We have a big cage with four levels, so I guess we could separate them if necessary. What do you guys think? Should we adopt TJ?

  13. Yeah since he's neutered it should be fine. Obviously normal introduction process maybe I might take it a little slower just to be cautious? But it all depends on their body language.

  14. NTA, and I'm horrified that anyone's saying differently. You don't become less your father's child or a member of your own immediate family because a half-sibling arrives or because you're in your late teens. JFC, what is wrong with people?

  15. Especially since OP was 2 when step mom came into the family. So she's known her most of her life.

  16. Which is better your current mommy or your previous (dead) mommy? (Asked to a little kid in a family anime which is popular at the moment)

  17. The same question over again,and really pressing the matter till the person gives you the answer that shocks ya

  18. Or you can suddenly develop an allergy to something you love. Happened to me with cats.

  19. If it was we'd definitely be expected to work more hours.

  20. NTA. As you said it's between you and your doctor. I think it's important that your significant other knows but beyond that it's at your discretion.

  21. Not just jokes, look at how much threads are repeated on this subreddit.

  22. Yeah I think part of it is karma. Some people really care about fake internet points too much.

  23. The number of people who advocate for Nazism, eugenics and genocide on here. I know it's a loud minority but boy are they loud. I was told my mother was a bad person because she had kids dispite suffering from depression. People should be allowed to have kids even if they're not perfect and insulting someone's mom like that doesn't help anything...

  24. Oh so cute! The left one has a pretty uncommon fur pattern! That's pretty neat!

  25. I always feel bad for people who had bad school lunches. A lot of kids complained at my schools but I always liked the food, especially the fried chicken in high school.

  26. Ours typically looked kinda sucky but tasted pretty good (at least in my opinion) I specifically remember really enjoying an encalada that someone said looked like cat puke. I also loved pasta days and their tuna sandwiches and their chicken nuggets with mashed potatoes. Oh and their Spanish rice. Sure it wasn't super flavorful but like it did a good job of being solid meals that were hard to hate. They didn't have any strong smells or flavors or weird textures which I appreciated as an autistic person and sometimes picky eater.

  27. I was chasing the cat and a saw fell on my arm. Remember parents, simply having dangerous things out of kids reach is not sufficient. They also need to be somewhere stable where it's not easy to accidentally knock the dangerous thing down on the child.

  28. I thought it was some sort of tumor or absess or something. No just a rat.

  29. Of course the rats are winning! Have you seen the spoiled babies in this subreddit? Getting food and scritches and cuddles all day? They've never even heard about taxes. I want to be a spoiled pet rat in the next life.

  30. NTA. Any teacher who doesn’t have their phone put away during class is a teacher who doesn’t get to play victim when their phone gets broken.

  31. Yeah especially around first graders. Just put it on top of a filing cabinet and it's out of their reach.

  32. You can age up fictional kids without sexualizing them. You can draw women without sexualizing them too.

  33. update: willie has been put to sleep, she seemed to greatly enjoy her cupcake feast! now i have to wash all my sheets and blankets because of her getting chocolate everywhere but it was worth it :) i gave her scrambled eggs and mashed up banana this morning as well, she seemed to love it. thank you all for the support! ❤️

  34. Sounds like she has had a wonderful life filled with love. <3

  35. Once you're pretty sure it's near the end I tend to start going crazy with letting them try unhealthy stuff I normally wouldn't feed a rat. A taste of Goldfish, Doritos, cookies, snack cake, ice cream etc. Emiology did a video for her rat Crumble's last day before he had to be put down and she gave him McDonald's. Giving them a last chance to experience things they otherwise couldn't definitely helps me say goodbye to them once the time comes.

  36. How come I haven’t seen any buddies named ‘Ratatat’ or ‘Rattata’ (the Pokémon)?? Gotta catch ‘em all

  37. That seems too obvious. My cousins had hamsters named Muchlax and Gengar though and those would be cute for rats too.

  38. Okay but there are also amazing original names on here that make me laugh. For example lightbulb, and brick wall.

  39. The purchaser lived on the land (Greenacre) for 12 years. Assume State A has a statute allowing for adverse possession after 10 years and is a notice jurisdiction. The purchaser constructed a house on the land and a fence around the property. Purchaser paid property tax. Purchaser then sold to Buyer, who had no knowledge of the invalid deed Daughter conveyed to Purchaser.

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