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  1. This doesn't sound so good for the prosecution, but it's a lot of legal mumbo jumbo so I'm not really sure. But it sounds like Alex lawyers, definitely have a lot more money, and can cause Santa Fe to go broke trying to deal with this case,, but it sounds like they definitely need a special prosecutor or else they don't have enough manpower for the workload.... is there going to be a trial? I'm a little out of the loop the last few weeks. Not sure when is all this supposed to start? Because I was shocked to read yesterday that they are starting production on the rust movie again in April. Wtf? So is Alec going to commute from Santa Fe, if there's a trial to Montana where they're making the movie? It's all confusing..

  2. I wonder what kind of filter she's using here? Cuz even if she's a bit anorexic, there's still no way her neck and her jawline can look like that naturally? Her neck is skinnier than a pencil here and her jawline from her ear to the tip of her chin looks really really long🙄

  3. I don't know who these ladies are, but if it wasn't for the phone on the table, it looked like some kind of '80s show based on their outfits🤣

  4. This is a fun poll! :-) I often think about this. But I don't think any of them that have any connection to SNL will even mention it. So that leaves Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert.. Jimmy Kimmel would be the most likely but for some reason, they have avoided being mentioned by any of these comedians so far

  5. I did a FB search for this and a shit ton of groups & pages comes up & I don’t know which one has all the seasons. I searched the first few results & couldn’t find them. I guess I will have to go thru each & every group & page & post to find it bcuz I REALLY want to watch all the past seasons after watching this new season so far. I’m shocked at how much better the Aus version is than the US is.

  6. "The Tribe Has Spoken" is the name of it. It's a private group and you have to request access. Took about a day but I was approved without hassle.

  7. Hi I just joined that group tonight. And God approved almost immediately. It says to click on featured section to look for all episodes of international Survivor. I don't see anything like that to click on, I don't see anything called featured section, so I was wondering if you might be able to tell me where I can find the past episodes of Survivor australia? Thanks for any help and info I appreciate it

  8. Me too I've seen all the recent seasons of survival Australia I really enjoy them much more than newer seasons of USA Survivor:-) right now I'm trying to find season 2 of Survivor Australia and I'm having trouble finding that at all. If you happen to find that or have any suggestions maybe you could let me know thanks!

  9. I never saw this before. Wow. And I'm sure at that time, Alex's mother was still alive and her mom too. Just another insult to the real grandparents.. wonder how they felt when they saw this. SMH

  10. I was just thinking the same thing! LOL The Only Name I recognize is our gal Hillz

  11. This pic looks so cuckoo to me.. now I have never had a baby,, but I would like to ask any of the ladies here who have had babies, is it ever possible for the baby bump to be down that low? She has such a huge gap, between where her boobs are and where the bumps starts.. is that possible to have? Cuz I have never seen that in real life🤔😋

  12. I just wanted to say that little Emoji is so cute! At first I thought it was a nurse with a stethoscope,,, then I realized it was a chef with a frying pan😎😍😁

  13. Why is the interviewer, who said that she was his yoga teacher, calling her y a l a r i a? With a y LOL

  14. I know she's supposed to be really short in height, so there wouldn't be too much of a torso. But, geez, that baby bump looks like it starts 8 Miles down her

  15. Am short, have short torso, have had three babies. The bump doesn’t just…migrate south of the cooter lmao

  16. Omg lol, is this a real thing? I didn't know reddit,, gave out Awards like that? Cuz I can't tell if someone photoshopped that or reddit actually made that,, and posted it somewhere? If it's real ,,oh boy,, she'll probably go nuts over that!,,! And she doesn't seem to be posting at all now, so she won't be able to make a response post to her award...🙃

  17. Can you imagine living in that house, when it's dark and quiet out at night? I feel like I would always hear Alec's voice saying, consider the source. Consider the source. It would be so creepy..🙄🙃😨

  18. That was my first thought also LOL maybe Ireland could demonstrate that

  19. Is this the only photo she posted for ML birthday? Wtf who does this:-( . I feel so sorry for Marilu....

  20. How can someone who stares in the mirror all damn day and takes photos of themselves not know that they’re out there looking like a blob of diarrhea? Does she not have eyes?

  21. A blob of diarrhea ,, with a pink Pepto-Bismol for the top half..seems to be a themed outfit..🤣..

  22. When did she drag out the pink plastic kids jacket again and the poop colored leggings? Unless it's an older photo? Ewww grooosssss,!.. I hate to say this, but if I was forced to look at the back of one of them, I would have to choose Alec here. It really makes me nauseous to look at her in this pic.......repulsive.....yukkyyyy

  23. Shouldn’t Grumpy and Bumpy focus on their gaggle of seven and all the pets as opposed to daily attempts at being acknowledged and relevant. It’s so over for them and yet preach, dictate, complain, lie, scam. Every damn day and night.

  24. Haha too funny! I haven't heard them called grumpy and bumpy before but that almost made me spit out my food🤣

  25. When I click on this, it says video not available. Do you have a link for it? If not it's okay thanks

  26. Oh no please don't make me see that! Don't want to ruin Janice for me LOL actually I saw an interview on TV somewhere with her recently, and she did look like she was aging very well😁😎

  27. Me too!!!! And janice's voice is still less annoying than heelarias😁

  28. Is this a joke, seriously? LOL🤣 ,, I see she found The Leaning tower of Pisa,, i mean, The Door. Bad Photoshop,, so crooked ,, door looks like it's falling over........... also I see Michelle borrowed the famous filter, the one that makes your legs look long and skinny. And she has the same claw holding the phone ,as her bestie, eeelaiaria... this is hilarious😁

  29. The pose with the foot up in mid-air is the worst part for me. That pose is so cringe......

  30. Wow I had never seen that thanks for posting that little article.

  31. Don’t spit on my cupcake and tell me it’s frosting.

  32. Haha I never heard that one before did Judge Judy actually say that? Got to love her:-)

  33. "Just LOOK at my titties! I have BIG ones! Are you looking?! Like, seriously, are you looking???"

  34. Idk it seems like a done deal that they have been trying to sell the Hamptons house. I think it's still up for sale. And they haven't gone out there in a long while. They didn't even go out there for the holidays or anything either. I think all they have right now is the high-rise pigeon coop, or the freezing old farmhouse in Vermont. Seems like at the moment that's their two choices unless they actually sell.. the City Apartment all together and just move somewhere else. Who knows what they will do🙃🙄

  35. Thanks that's what it reminds me of with New York and all the pigeons LOL maybe I should try to make that as a flair haha:)

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