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  1. Only Vodoo Chile in a way. Does not compute one way or another. WAS a Twin for less than an hour.

  2. I hated school but I was more terrified of my mother. Hence I was very good.

  3. Can confirm, Semendonner gave the ass beatings, but was always terrified of letting Ma down.

  4. "Human". Maybe they just don't eat their own. A google search just negated that.

  5. That komodo knew that this lady would taste of hubris and likely some type of disgusting "viral/trending" skin care program. And every "blogger" or "influencer" I've ever met smelled like a myriad of unnatural scents. A punchbowl of branded bullshit. Rather like the old ladies that use perfumes that smell like "flowers", and it just bites the nose.

  6. Yeah I have to admit it’s been eye opening digging into this stuff! I either wasn’t paying attention in my AP Euro History class or promptly brain dumped that knowledge after the fact lol.

  7. My Mom read my AP books, got mad and sat me down... told me stories and assigned further reading. Miss her. Try church records perhaps.

  8. Good thing I got a few stray vegetarians in my yard

  9. Finally learned cohesive teamwork and not being Rambo ass idiots, instead learned to have positions "talk" with their weapons systems. And as Min said that guy giving the bow knew his shit.

  10. Yeah I will do so this fall. Put it in a bigger pot and maybe plan it at my brother house. He doesn’t want more to care for though so I will see. If I pot it it will stay potted for a couple of years and I don’t know how feasible or healthy that is for a baby tree.

  11. If you keep cutting roots it will stay a dwarf like a bonsai peach!

  12. Noted! I just need my plants to live long enough for us to find a proper house, and houses are expensive right now.

  13. Don't I know it! Rent in the city I live in has gone up 50-100% in the last year. I was lucky enough to make some surprisingly good decisions in the past that allowed me to have ownership of a home right now, all paid.

  14. Asia, most eat you to the bone. And then have crunchy things to eat later.

  15. Ave Bud. You only live as long as someone will speak of you.

  16. A jabostick full of contraception and blowfish toxin please...

  17. Cooking canned asparagus as a side in boiling water still in a can with a small hole in it for an hour...

  18. I share Corsair’s apparent penchant for how to deal with a roomful of unruly kids.

  19. Beer. Out. My. Fucking. Nose! Dammit Blurry, was an APA too!

  20. All my life felt alone among many and most my dear friend.

  21. Breaking contact... yup allows for better positioning and keeps em guessing.

  22. Ya, lol. Looks really weird when you see it from the side. Shin bone above the break point sticks out further forward under the skin than the lower part. Leg’s about an inch shorter than the other. Knit strong, though. A knot of bone there. Has hurt sometimes ever since.

  23. Not my story. I found this on Not Always Right.

  24. Well, thanks for the RE-telling and honor in being truthful. Either way.

  25. My best friend and I were in a class watching" "DON'T DRIVE WASTED!". A video of a peer, driving home from a party, hitting things culminating in a wall that threw this ass through the windshield/windscreen/frontglassthingy only to land dead in his Mother's arms in the yard.

  26. Until someone asks what's your dominant hand...

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