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This is how a bat pees

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  1. It really doesn't matter. People stopped at a light aren't going to be able to get out of his way at that speed

  2. I wouldn't laugh at the idiot fat bat. I would approach it surreptitiously after the crowd disperses and make sure it's doing okay and check to see if it needs any help. I wouldn't like shake it or anything but I would just try to empathize with it, maybe pat it's back. It's going to be okay you idiot fat bat.

  3. How do I delete you? Does it hurt?

  4. The study referenced in this article says that 2 cases of myocarditis were reported from 40,000 children. If all 75 million children under 17 get this vaccine, that will cause around 4,000 cases of myocarditis while potentially saving 7 children (655 total deaths times the

  5. God-damned you people are so fucking thick. I'm done feeling bad for you.

  6. Why would we jeopardize our global banking conspiracy to euthanize one of the wealthiest nations on the planet? That's just bad business

  7. That's been my favorite part of the crazy antivaxxer logic, really most conspiracy theories.

  8. Do they normally give criminals their fines back?

  9. Hospitals are fucked, too, if that makes you feel better.

  10. Lol why can't you ever just answer the question? Anytime you guys are stumped you just back out

  11. You think that stumped me? I'm much smarter than you. I'm just bored with you fellas "just asking questions."

  12. Typical training is that when you're at a low speed off road (like a parking lot) or approaching a call you're supposed to have your seatbelt completely off, then you're not supposed to put it back on until you're on the road again in case you need to suddenly stop and jump out again. A lot of cops take the lazy route and simply not wear one at all until they get a high priority call and need to start speeding somewhere.

  13. They ought to be fired for that. We pay for it when they get hurt. I'd rather not if it's their own dumbass decision.

  14. Nobody wants to be a bus driver because nobody wants to pay them enough.

  15. I was more interested in the microphone they were using before I figured that out.

  16. My mom told me my birth mark was a coffee stain from when she accidentally spilled coffee on me as a baby. I believed it til I was like 11.

  17. An older kid told me that birthmarks are from when someone ejaculates into a pregnant lady. It made perfect sense to a 9 year old.

  18. Yep they totally did. So did camel. My parents smoked so I’d save up rewards for “cool” camel merch. So so messed up thinking about it today.

  19. Camel cash was so much cooler than the Marlboro miles.

  20. Wikipedia used to be ridiculously easy to troll, changes would go untouched for ages. After it had been out for a few years bullshit changes get reverted very quickly and you get banned way faster.

  21. Swings ridiculously far in the other direction. I stopped fixing typos because they'd always just revert it back within a day.

  22. I would say it’s tribalism. I’d like to see us stop using the word “politics” for this and start using “tribalism.”

  23. Tribalism along political lines would still be political.

  24. I've actually never been to a dollar store before. We don't have them where I live. Is everything an actual dollar or less? That would be insane

  25. Dollar Tree was $1 up until just now (going up to $1.25). They're right behind Dollar General in number of locations

  26. Jokes aside, the false positive rate for k9 searches is something like 50%. They are trained to react/alert on que, so if the cop already thinks youre carrying, getting the dog to agree is as simple as a quick hand gesture...

  27. It's just a name. People that "co-sleep" and suffocate their babies get coded as SIDS, as well.

  28. Please stop saying that as if it’s fact. That was how things were many years ago but the presentation of SIDS and suffocation are not at all similar.

  29. For anyone more curious, the average ANNUAL income is roughly $3,300 USD, maybe up to $4k in recent months. $1.72 a gallon is akin to gas being $26 a gallon in the US.

  30. If we're doing that, how big is the country? What's the average commute?

  31. It's more livestock (and their feed) than nuts using water.

  32. That's what I thought too. At an information level, child abuse material is a series of bits like any other digital information. One of those bits isn't cp, one of those bytes isn't cp. But at some point, string enough of them together, and it becomes cp. So I think it's an interesting question, how many bytes does it take to transition from nondescript information to offending material?

  33. These images aren't created by people writing bytes to a file. They're created by a camera, so probably once it's made.

  34. Trump has an amazing gift to have shit just slide off of him. It’s probably because shit doesn’t really stick together.

  35. He has money and his entire being is wrath.

  36. Ah, that makes sense. I was thinking you were a Rogan bro, but Kim is an antivaxxer, too

  37. Of course you can. If they just get out, I don't think it's really considered fenced in anymore.

  38. That might be going too far. What about a light beating first?

  39. You're probably not a good person.

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