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  1. It’s tough to find a list, I found these including the one that was just elected.

  2. I'm making loads of mayors lists on everybody wiki. I've done Reno, Elko, Carlin, Boulder City, Lovelock, Henderson, Winnemucca, Mesquite, West Wendover and Wells.

  3. I remember how disappointing it was the first time I read his views on things outside his books.

  4. Odd question. Why, it matters more for those who are religious. They always find a way to sneak their odd beliefs into what might otherwise be a good story.

  5. God is beyond time, sees past and future simultaneously

  6. No, you will either attain salvation or roam the Earth (as a spirit) after the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

  7. Horrible isn't it? I've come to the conclusion that our brains aren't capable of thinking about it.

  8. Not always, but very often yes. It falls under the umbrella of Existential OCD themes.

  9. Looking it up I think my shit diet could be one of the main causes. I can't remember the last time I ate fruit.

  10. Nope. You find the reasons that mean something to you along the way.

  11. We all wonder about what this mortal life means and what happens beyond this. That's why there are so many religions of this world and why so many people tried to explain it. As time moves forward, the explanation gets some what more perplexing. It used to be as easy as explaining that some unseen god is up there and we must do things to make him happy. Then as time goes on, man understands this world a bit more than that and can see it's not as easy as an explanation because we can see this world is much bigger, this solar system is much bigger, and this universe is much bigger than what we can see or understand. As time moves forward, and man understands more of what is seen, so too will the double doubts that perhaps all this has meaning or that there is none and that once we go then that is it. We could look at something amazing and wonder perhaps there is a god, or we could look at something amazing and wonder how could it be that there is a god.

  12. This hit me pretty badly about 4 years ago. I was having an existential crisis and researching like a mad man to try to figure out the truth. It was ultimately a waste of time because there is just no way of knowing what will happen when we are gone. Even when I came to realize this, I couldn’t get rid of that feeling of dread and anxiety. At the end of the day, I had to continue on with my life which meant finding a job and going to school. As time passed a month or two later, I noticed that those feelings and thoughts were no longer creeping back into my head after every thought I had. Uncertainty and not knowing sucks but it’s just the way it is.

  13. I feel like it could be either or sometimes both. For me, I was already in a dark space and then I thought about apierophobia. It gets better though.

  14. The dai-san appartments were constructed when the whole Hikarigaoka complex was built, so 1984-1986.

  15. I think it was Mandy’s. Another fast food place. I could be wrong though. I was really young then.

  16. What was on the site before the building was built? Another building or a field?

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