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Can a private chef get some love here??

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  1. Hey I got a couple thousand reads perhaps I can help u out? What’s ur username, I’ll follow u.

  2. This is normal, I have over 100k reads on my first book and some chapters have 10k reads and some have 3k. People are impatient and skip around or some ppl just lose interest. I wouldn’t worry abt it too much

  3. Yeah. I have a few goofy things. My four fingers on my right hand lower knuckles have a knife, carrot, celery stalk and onion. I have another knife with a “TCB” banner. I have the pork cuts diagram on my leg. Shit…I’m a dork.

  4. I like the way her mother praises her for doing it herself. Its unbelievable. It’s the funniest fucking thing.

  5. Sups true. I’m a culinary student and this subreddit makes me regret it all the time but it’s too late and I rlly do love what I do. However I can’t help but feel grief when all I see on this subreddit is negative stuff.

  6. LOL, if mean things that people say online are making you regret your choices GET OUT NOW. Culinary school is play time, it will only get harder when cooking becomes real life. Get a stem degree, work in an office or from home, and become an amazing home cook. Your life will be more stable and you will be much happier.

  7. It’s definitely not RH. I’ve only read the first and second book in the series. The first was okay, I didn’t enjoy the second so much and my reading preferences changed so I didn’t continue the series.

  8. brooooooo i feel you!!!!! we not Caucasian, for me im Argentinian with SPANISH and ITALIAN, i was born in the US, another thing, just cuz youre born there doesnt mean youre automatically caucasian (for people who have light skin)

  9. GIRL!! ARGENTINIEAN??! SPANISH?!! ITALIA?? Ur white as fuck babes! Stop playing with urself! Those are just ur nationalities it has NOTHING to do with ur race literally at all. Look in the mirror…do u have white skin? Then ur white. That’s it

  10. Realistically…..who the fuck wants to be white? I sure as hell don’t. I thank god everyday that I wasn’t born a white person.

  11. I’ve lived with this my whole life, I’m 20 now and I’ve become numb to all the comments. I just cannot give a single fuck. If they are upset that I’m fat then that’s on them. Try not to let it get to u. Ur body is still changing, ur family can go fuck themselves. Don’t internalize any of that negative shit. Tell ur grandma and mom that they better be careful cuz you’ll throw their asses in a nursing home real quick.

  12. Hi, someone with over 900k reads and 10 years on Wattpad here! This is my best advice. Wish we could pin it at the top of the thread.

  13. YES! All of these are so so important. I have a good amount of reads and I followed all of these to get there. I cannot stress how much uploading regularly helps and interacting with ur readers!!

  14. use they/them pronouns unless youre 100% sure of someones pronouns. assumption isnt a valid reason to say he/he instead of they/them

  15. Yeah I don’t give af. I never said that I purposely misgender ppl!! I will use whatever pronouns u want me to use! I never once in my comment said I misgender ppl. Neopronouns is not something everyone is aware of and I personally think it’s frustrating that folks want ppl to say ZIE AND ZIESELF!! WHAT THE FUCK?!!

  16. nobody is expecting people who shit on neopronouns to use neopronouns. theyre just an alternative to she/he/they that makes someone feel comfortable, and you dont have to use them

  17. Cuts are uneven. The batonnet cuts are all different widths. The dice isn’t cubed they are all different versions of a fucked rectangle. And u didn’t square off the top of the tater? Just the sides.

  18. Dude it wasn’t until I became an adult that I realize how little $1,000 is. $100 equates to $5

  19. I don’t wanna hear about 15 or 16 year olds talking about horniness either. There isn’t a real difference between 13 years olds and 15 years olds

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