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  1. If I woke up in a strange hotel and she was sleeping on my arm I’d chew it off so I could escape without waking her up.

  2. I first would think what fucking drugs I took to bag this thing

  3. It's bullshit. We are the ones promoting and helping make this a success. It should have been open to everyone. I can't believe that's how they treat us after we are the ones that buy, sell and trade them. No other sub does what we do. Pissed!

  4. Don't get worked up over something free, and let others enjoy it. I'm sure you'll get yours soon.

  5. I had twins last Feb; I've skated 10 times since then, still love it but I'm happy to have more room for new hobbies! (I've been skating 25+ yrs and worked in the industry for 10)

  6. To be fair I also want a full time nanny

  7. Hedge snoo with Mr 2 sweet eyes 👌

  8. Can you answer some questions for me about setting up wallet homie we not a shill here I just don’t know what wallet to get so I don’t get scammed like these sbf clowns. What wallet should I use and is opensea the right site for used memes

  9. Why are you getting downvoted? MetaMask is an easy Wallet to manage

  10. Hit me with your address my fellow! Saving one for you bro

  11. Same ppl were crying when verdansk was released. It’s a game, you don’t have to play it.

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