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  • By - Fammy

  1. I NEED a high budget HBO series about Justinian II.

  2. See y'all in Berkeley next year. I can smell the 10-6 slugfest a year away

  3. A gruesome side effect of these experiments was an extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.

  4. I mean if Alaska is the reference point anywhere in the lower 48 is the southeast!

  5. Inb4 Gary Danielson comes to ESPN to haunt the SEC for another 10 years

  6. Auburn vs Notre Dame, vs Oklahoma State, Iowa State, vs Iowa, vs Utah, vs Arizona State. All teams we've never played.

  7. I can’t believe we’ve never played Notre Dame. Schedule the damn Irish now!

  8. Werner’s past life. Once Heisenberg died Werner was born. This means when Finger shot him Walt was then born. Bravo Finger

  9. Bill Nye. Never watched his show, but saw it have a positive effect on kids. His efforts to bring education to people, especially women and girls and increase the collective brainpower of humanity. Then he went woke. His latest show was a disappointment. Every time I see him now, he is being insufferable. Sad.

  10. This was a huge letdown for me. I grew up watching him in school and he helped get me interested in science.

  11. What did he say? I grew up watching MythBusters but never followed their personal accounts

  12. For Auburn it would be Alabama, Georgia and Florida. It’s hard but I want that historic Florida-Auburn rivalry to be annual

  13. Used to enjoy him a lot more when he wasn’t with 247sports. Idk if I just got tired of listening to him or what but he’s still pretty good. I’ve noticed I like him more during the season rather than the whisper off-season. When he starts getting into opinions he can come off as preachy and condescending.

  14. Is it worth getting into the books? I’ve been wanting to read them after I finished the show. I can live with them not being finished, just want to know if it’s still worth a read.

  15. An anonymous schizo fat figurine collector from the shithole sub saw your post and did this to it:

  16. Lmao promoting hate? Funny coming from the sub that trashed you and your character because you had a different opinion from them. What a bunch of assholes.

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