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  1. Try Conservative. Hate sex is pretty good. Maybe even a little White House roleplay. Might even build some common ground.

  2. "I was a douchebag. I wasn't being a douchebag"

  3. It’s not in his bio! Therefore it can’t be true!

  4. Don’t pull that “aw shucks” shit with me. You’re going!

  5. I mean, Wallace & Gromit?! That thing weighed like 50 pounds, how many trees gave their life for that?!

  6. Jesus Christ, the people on this sub all have a stick up their ass, no sense of humor. So many miserable single people…

  7. That’s nice of you . I don’t plan on getting it fixed tho . only a couple more months of summer. I’ll survive .

  8. OUTBREAK…can’t believe no one else has said it

  9. Someone else mentioned them in a list, they definitely meet that category and are on the lines of what I was looking for.

  10. So I might have just caught them on bad circumstances. It was at the church and the monitors weren’t working for them. Brannon just kept on benign a dick to the sound guy over it.

  11. Haha, I saw that on YouTube. That’s like the only time I’ve ever seen him genuinely pissed.

  12. I got peas on my head, but don’t call me a pee head… or I’m gonna fucking hit you.

  13. Mods are little snowflake bitches, not just on this sub, but all across Reddit. There are WAY too many fucking rules and it’s nearly impossible to post anything because there has to be a thousand rules to protect the little hypersensitive Gen Z “non-binary” social justice pussies’ fee fees, I say that as someone who leans hard left. I get you don’t want a website to be a cesspool like 4Chan, but lighten up already. The other half of it is these mods who take this shit way too seriously, go get some bitches, go get a job, a hobby. There’s no need to regulate every little fucking thing, we’re shooting the shit on an Internet forum, this isn’t a town hall meaning.

  14. From fourteen weeks ago and particularly relevant this week:

  15. Can’t fuckin’ believe this, you’re rippin us off for a G note. This is bullshit!

  16. I'm doing a rewatch of the series, when was this moment?

  17. Think it was after Jackie Jr. died and she was staying home all summer not working or do anything school related.

  18. Not me, but I met a girl once who went to her place on moving day and found the door unlocked. A homeless dude was living in there and she darted out immediately and had to call management.

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