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  1. Hey! I'm currently studying CS at Bowdoin, and I can tell you that I really appreciate the apartment here. The major isn't light on requirements by any means but hopefully, you'd be able to transfer a good amount of credits over.

  2. I'm currently in the orchestra right now, and I agree with what's already been said. Yes, the repertoire can be challenging at times, but you can certainly join as long as you have some basic degree of proficiency and are willing to learn the pieces!

  3. Hey! So I was wondering if you could elaborate further on a few things! How is the dating scene on campus? Are the parties more low key or more of like ragers? In your opinion is Brunswick a good college town to be around ? And last question, how is the government program at Bowdoin (I’ve heard great things about it but I was maybe hoping you could tell me what any of your friends or you guys have though of it)? Thank You! This would be super helpful!

  4. In general, dating is pretty much what you and your S.O want to make out of it (just like anywhere else). I'm guessing that's probably not the answer you're looking for though. The dominant picture of the dating scene here is the typical college hook-up culture. I can't speak to how big it is, but it definitely exists, and I know people who have been a part of the scene. The small campus is very conducive to forming really tight bonds between people as pretty much all dorms are within a walking distance of campus. However, I've heard that this can lead to awkward interactions between people who've had not-so-great hook-up experiences. Anyways, hook-up culture aside, it's totally possible to have a normal relationship here, too, although they do seem rather to be on the more uncommon side.

  5. Are there enough local internship/research opportunities? Does the remoteness of the campus interfere?

  6. There are more than enough! In my experience, I don't see the location of the campus to be a limiting factor with regard to internship opportunities. In fact, I know quite a few people who stayed on campus over the summer to do exactly those two things. Research opportunities, especially with the college, are pretty easy to come across if you're interested. You just have to find a professor whose research you want to help out with, and as long as you talk to them about getting involved, I'd say that more often than not, you can secure a research assistant position. With respect to local internships, there are a lot of great Maine organizations that love to have Bowdoin students come work with them, whether around town (Brunswick) or in Portland. The opportunities are here, it really just comes down to if you're willing to pursue them.

  7. I have a question, I'm guessing you are from USA. These books were assignment for school ?

  8. Good Lord, that’s a lot of books. Over how many years was this read over and was it an optional or mandatory English literature course? I wish we’d studied that many in school. From the age of 13-16 (high school in my unusual three-tier school system) English language and literature were combined, and during that time we studied:

  9. My stack includes some stuff from classes like Psychology and U.S. History too! That's why it's a bit bigger.

  10. I think the song your looking for is called "What If I go" by Mura Masa

  11. Mmm I checked it out, and I don't think it's the same song. Thanks for the suggestion though!

  12. Is it from the Google Play ads? If so, it might be

  13. I don't it is, there are voices in the ad I'm talking about :/

  14. We've been doing a year-long series at my church, and today the youth pastor preached on Romans 14:1-12 (ESV) The title of the message was "War at Home", referencing conflicts between Christians in church.

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