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  1. Not illegal at all. Good initiative but bad judgment. Problem solving is always encouraged but to do so you have to be operating with a degree of authority. Sounds like you did not have iit and got some good old EMI devil dog.

  2. I thought MINI owners were more progressive. Apparently not.

  3. Ya, SW Central Fl/south Florida person. Most definitely they are still around.

  4. My 1stsgt when I went to Iraqb the second time. I have already called him out on reddit.

  5. Like the great warrior poet Ice Cube said, if they doesn't require an ak, it was a good day!

  6. No here to bash people with mental illness but this is very schizophrenic.

  7. No we are not. They are not organized enough for that.

  8. So this happened to Myers and he returned. Granted the age difference. Lets hope the surgery goes well, he heals, and has a successful therapy. If he retires so be it. I just want him to not have permanent disability.

  9. Try a DRB with a bunch of angry FMF chiefs who have spent their entire Naval Career green side with the marines. I’ve never seen people so angry in my life. Lol. Knife hands so sharp you thought you were there for a circumcision and not a DRB.(btw I had a marine who circumcised himself with scissors if I remember correctly. Day 3 of bleeding is what finally brought him into the clinic).

  10. I still have my translation guide for regular Marines and a second one for Docs with extra medical shit.

  11. My uncle had a house with terracotta tile floors that were left out by a river for wild animals to step on. Then they were fired. It was super cool as a kid staying at his house.

  12. That was either part of E Co collection or the IP.

  13. That is why you don't put 2 weeks in. Just quit in payday.

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