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Boomer owner send this out last night before leaving on a week and a half long vacation... FUCK THAT! Over 50 of the 83 employees are quitting (so far!!) we're spending this morning updating resumes and directing clients to better providers!

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  1. I guess risk is all relative, I’d more consider a 5.10 with 20’ of 5.6 off the deck a little more risky, but in bouldering the variables are different, so it’s all relative.

  2. "a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.- hypothesis

  3. just read you the definition. Maybe you need an English class?

  4. It's so amusing because you are not even smart enough to realize how off base you are. I guess when god sends his christians he isnt sending his best hahha.

  5. Again I still think that would be viscous enough to be worthy of punishment. Don’t get too caught up in the 2 day thing. Don’t overthink it dude. It’s a law that’s meant to determine murder from manslaughter. The original ruling was that if a slave got beat and died several days later, you wouldn’t be punished. This is trying to change that. There needs to be definite proof that the owner wasn’t trying to kill you. Being bed-ridden for a day and a half is problematic.

  6. All I hear are christians bending over backwards to pretend that their God isn't absolutely vile.

  7. My choice of words at the beginning of this argument were very poor. I admit that and I am sorry. Let me put it this way. There are laws in almost every state of the United States (fingers crossed hoping you live there) that state that if you injure a person and they don’t die from said injuries within a certain period of time, usually a year, you can’t be charged with murder. This is the exact same thing. People twist and and try to use it as a means to say that the Bible condones beating slaves when it in fact is not that in any way.

  8. All I hear are christians bending over backwards to pretend that their God isn't absolutely vile.

  9. You understand that we can see your original post right? That did not have the word 'that' included? What a sad state christianity is in if these are christs followers.

  10. I understand that edited my post for clarification before I saw his post, I didn’t ‘change’ my post to hide anything, I didn’t need to, the meaning was exactly the same.

  11. Wow first time I've seen a christian actually admit they were lying, congrats mate. What a pathetic witness you provided the world tonight.

  12. PSA for new dads: Do as much adventuring/socializing as possible in from month ~2 to month ~7!

  13. The atheist desire to purge a nation of any religious character isn't going to happen anytime soon, so suck it up buttercup.

  14. I'm not like this all the time. I don't have kids, I have one child who I am wholly dedicated and committed to. Talking through this has helped me identify why I reacted as I did, and I have already sent the apology.

  15. Well go ahead and post the apology here, we can tell you if you worded that like an asshole as well.

  16. If they get my vote or not depends on who the opposition is

  17. So basically, yes, you're totally fine voting for the crazy people. All conservatives and christians are complicit, and the rest of us will have a long memory.

  18. That case concerning first amendment speech protections has nothing to do with the topic at hand - the fifth amendment right from self-incrimination.

  19. I'm going to agree here and say keep that moment between you and the child. Let her have the big moment for herself. Think about how it feels to see that for the first time, then think about not being able to have the experience. Except in this case, you've already had it, and now you can give that as a gift to the mother. Of course, I have a different perspective as a stay-at-home dad, but that's what I would do.

  20. There are also Secret Cardinals - the Pope can appoint anyone to a cardinalship without notifying anyone, including the new cardinal. It's done in regions where Catholic leadership would be in danger of persecution

  21. This explored 5% part is fairly misunderstood. All of the ocean is mapped to at least a hundred meter (edit: was going off my head, in reality several km) resolution. This 5% part refers to the parts mapped to around 30 meter resolution or better.

  22. Russia doesn't have to sustain a war, they can set up a perimeter in Poland and start negotiations. Russia can steam roll through the Baltics and reach Warsaw in a few weeks before NATO can mount a proper response.

  23. Maybe things will be different when she is older, I promise that despite what the post sounds like I am relatively normal. I just refuse to let anyone hurt my baby. Maybe I'm still too new at this. I'm not trying to throw shade, but I never don't know where she is.

  24. You have zero reading comprehension and are making a lot of assumptions. In no way was I talking about myself there, you buffoon.

  25. And you can't even be condescending in an effective manner either. Do better. :-)

  26. Oh sweetie, it's a little late to save face when you've already thrown your little temper tantrum. Do you need to cry some more about the scary, mean pedestrians?

  27. We haven't, but this is our first time working with a contractor & I'm just not sure what my expectations should be or how to get them better? Haha There is grout all over the place all over the shower...

  28. Thank you. I'll talk to the contractor (or see about doing it myself..)

  29. FYI they make sanded caulk in a billion different colors to match the look of your grout.

  30. All our stuff fits easily and it looks nicer than adding an organizer or having everything on the floor or tub edge.

  31. Does everyone in your house use a 4-in-1 Because I've got four bottles just myself, plus loofa and body brush. No way that's all fitting in a tiny little niche like OP's.

  32. Currently ours has shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a razor, face wash, toothbrush/toothpaste. That's the most we ever use and it fits easily. Our other bathroom has two niches and we don't usually even store anything in the second.

  33. Oh bro you took a bathroom that had character and looked different and made it look like everybody else's bathroom! Turned out well but man, it would've been much cooler as a restoration.

  34. There has never been any effective enforcement over private businesses.

  35. You're moving the goalposts quite a bit from "not in any way a protected class".

  36. Illegal toothless protections are not real, just political theatre

  37. Which is not even remotely what you originally said. It's ok to just admit you weren't 100% correct.

  38. Definitely don't recommend the big box stores. We went with some of their nicer (more expensive) cabinets, and while the materials are good, the build quality is terrible. Doors are misaligned, paint is scuffed or chipping off, damage during shipping, etc.

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