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  1. My current character hasn’t died yet, been close MANY times though. It’s currently 3rd of January 1994 and I’ve spent the past 3 days getting out to and rebuilding weather station ZULU-666.

  2. We should start a PCMR brand where everything is perfect, it is the third business to rival and take over these two mega companies. Where the temps and prices are low and the frames are high. I’m getting sick of ‘oh this new product is 5% better but 50% more expensive’. It’s a scam business that is going to lead to the death of the industry

  3. I’m just wanting something to be added that can bring my mates back to the game for one last realm session

  4. You seen that scene from Mr Beans holiday where he hitches a ride on the Jeep with his bike? Mate get that thing home quickly lol

  5. Ngl I am like 100 times more excited for animals than people. There's obviously the food aspect, but there's also the aspect of pets, leather, transportation, and ice cream.

  6. I can finally restart the spiffo venue and put my maccas skills to use!!!

  7. For these kinds of issues build whatever is in front/top, last. Happens with shelves and crates too.


  9. Pavel because he doesn’t take the entire fucking pay check for himself

  10. I can’t wait for everyone to start making their own currency, then start protesting by automating their shops with diamond item filters.

  11. Not to mention the majority of the footage was in debug mode that would have turned the quality as low as possible to make things run smoother.

  12. I haven’t seen that one, cool to know there is crawling. On a side note how do I get a user flair ‘I was here’? I’ve been on this sub for like a year or two so does that count?

  13. Possible that the crawling was for a cutscene but who knows. As for the flair the mods had a post shortly after Rockstar announced gta6 was in development and you had to make a comment under that post for the flair don’t know if the mods could still give it to you now

  14. Damn, I was busy the whole two days everything was going down so I guess I miss out.

  15. I haven’t seen any photos yet, please tell me this isn’t how big they are actually getting…

  16. Melbourne has some pretty liminal places, I once found an underground parking garage with a staircase that just went down, it even had some broken lights that would flicker, I don't know where it was though.

  17. This is basically any car park in Melbourne. I can name quite a few that I know of that have these creepy af stairs that descend really far down. Some being completely dark as if it hasn’t been accessed since it was built. My guess is emergency stairs for underground carparks.

  18. See that’s a nice base, I always build WAY too big and never finish the walls. 100% gotta try this for a second base

  19. it's got some brown on it, and it's wagon

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