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Taking a shortcut on a bikelane

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  1. He didn't buy the artwork, he just bought a position associated with the artwork. Big difference.

  2. Never trust a dog no matter how much the owner says "they're friendly"

  3. I've been seeing so many posts like this, dogs off leashed or not controlled in public areas. As a fellow running it is very frustrating to be in your zone running minding your business and have someone dog come running up behind you and start jumping up your leg and the owner yelling "don't worry he's friendly!"....ok cool but it still scared me and i just want to do my run uninterrupted

  4. I wish dog owners understood that I give zero fucks about their pet and whether they are friendly or not. I don't want it near me. Period.

  5. And you think I'm some fucking neckbeard in a goddamn basement. I own my own house, work 50 fucking hours a week, have two kids, and know exactly how to fit in and contribute to society.

  6. Proved my point. I can tell your age just by saying copy pasta. No there's no lying about my age. I have no reason to. I could show you my kids birth certificates if I wanted to and you'd still not believe me. This argument is now pointless. Use this energy for the greater good.

  7. Exactly. No difference from changing lanes in a vehicle. Signal the intent, check to make sure you can safely change lanes, then change lanes.

  8. I suppose this is where people come up with idea that bikers don't follow any rules. If they are on the road, they are a vehicle and so must follow the rules that all vehicles do. Signal, shoulder check, make sure it is safe, then change lane. If not, then wait. Your turn will come. Ez, gg.

  9. Non-biker here: is road cyclist culture very … how would one say … anti-motor vehicle? I mean, is the “bicyclists should have the right of way and everyone else should yield” attitude cultivated or promoted in some ways?

  10. Not gonna lie, sometimes I do feel like cyclists are very self-centered. And it's totally alright for them to project hate on car drivers, but God forbid if drivers criticize them for their behaviour.

  11. Candidate for Ottawa Vanier pushing for end to Catholic Boards is the least politically astute move I can think of in recent memory. Talk about not knowing your constituents.

  12. I think you grossly misunderstand the general populace's feelings about Catholic schools. Spoiler alert: the majority of people think they are a waste of money and borderline idiotic.

  13. This one isn’t even that bad, he literally took the time out of his day to give this girl advice. It’s not like he’s talking shit about women like most of the posts in this community. I don’t believe he’s being derogatory either.

  14. No need to use derogatory terms that dehumanize women to give good advice. And just because you gave advice does not make the usage of such stupid terms okay.

  15. Agreed.. mainly because it sounds like something idiot me would do :\

  16. Hard core Asian discipline in embracing suffering in the physical world.

  17. I am a Muslim, and it is sad that people don't understand that restrictions apply to both men and women. If a man is ripped af, he can't go walking around shirtless or wear revealing clothing because that will attract the attention of women. If the norm of society one day becomes admiring men's hair or arms or legs, then they too must cover themselves and restrict themselves so as not to create problems for WOMEN who might think with their nether regions. And yes, before anybody says anything, men are harassed and even sexually assaulted by women pretty frequently. It's scary to think about the number of men who stay quiet after such events occur. :(

  18. Muslim here and I agree. Time to commit die because my entire world came crashing down on me with this simple trick.

  19. So why did he throw away the parachute in the first place? Just leave it in the balloon?

  20. I call it the Got Talent Effect --> you want to do dumb things to hype brain dead people when you could have done something more convenient and logical and still get the same result.

  21. Fun fact: historically, ethics and morals were the same thing. Morals was the Latin translation of ethics, taken from the Greeks whom the Romans LOVED.

  22. Why..why didn't the cameraman warn the kid when they saw the lady being ready to cause the kid an everlasting concussion???

  23. Oh yeah , the guardian , the most anti indian news media after bbc and Washington Post .

  24. Ok dude. I'm sure women being attacked and oppressed in India is fake news.

  25. What are you talking about? Indian women are the most free of them all.... that's why there are so many women who are abused... because they are feared for their freedom.

  26. Are we talking about a country with corrupt police who also partake in gang rapes... of a fucking child?

  27. Heh heh. I have two younger brothers and that sounds miiiiiighty familiar. Glad to share.. there are lots of them... I really like the outdoorsey babbling brook or rain ones... after a few minutes, the world disappears and I can really dig into reading/study.

  28. Earlier would be nice too. Always want to go on weekends to get work done but they open around 1.

  29. Definitely agree. 1 pm is too late, and 10 am is not good enough. Like I said, very awkward timing.

  30. Yes, I love being thought of as stupid. But then I'm a female, so there you go. Being patronized to is the BEST. Thanks!

  31. If you think someone explaining their point of view and their stance is a lecture, please avoid going to university. XD

  32. Guys is a synonym for men. If you can’t find a synonym for women, just use women.

  33. Thank you! Someone understands! I use "women" when referring to women, even casually and "guy" when referring to a man because that's exactly what it means. It's an informal term of a man. No such equivalent is used for women.

  34. Answer: Probably her antics as described in

  35. I disagree. When did it become normal to not let a kid swing on a swing? We had a play structure on our lawn and all the neighborhood kids used it.

  36. It became normal to not let kids on your property when you become liable for any potential injuries to the parties involved.

  37. Try talking to an admissions counsellor?

  38. I would definitely go with a counsellor and perhaps attach documentations with that personal statement (i.e. doctor's note, important dates, etc...).

  39. Friend, your health is more important than a job. And just so you know, nobody is allowed access to that information.

  40. sir, stop. why you carrying 30 poutines? that's usually a sign of a serial killer.

  41. Ma'am, I need you to stop right there. You've got 1 too many bottles of maple syrup. The rules say 89 bottles, not 90. You are clearly conspiring against the Magnificent Meese Empire and are planning on commiting a heinous crime. Please, drop the bottles and come with us. We are arresting you, for your information. We ask you politely to not resist our attempt to gently escort you back for questioning. Poutine will be served at the station.

  42. True, but you can always look it up and see what the numbers say, and the numbers are heavily in favour of USA.

  43. NDP unless my riding looks to swerve blue, in which case, liberal.

  44. I plan on doing anything but blue. I don't know why anybody would vote blue... the people at the helm are nuts!

  45. This reminds me of a woman just stealing a man's dog... because he had tied the leash outside the library in order to return some books. She saw the dog, barged inside, berated the man. The man scoffed and said that he was only dropping things off and is not planning on staying. She angrily marched out and just took the dog's leash, untied it, and walked away. I didn't stay to watch what happened next, but I am sure stealing people's pets is illegal. :\

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