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  1. The battles are so damn drawn out it is boring as hell. It's rare that I can say that a battle is boring but this one should have been over one way or another 2 chapters ago. Whoever the mangaka is cannot draw facial expressions and doesn't know how to pace battles.

  2. It’s really only been a few chapters, not out of the ordinary for any manga.

  3. It’s never, ever worth talking about the specifics or nuances of Dragonball, because I guarantee you an embarrassing amount of the people who pluck themselves up to argue as experts on the topic either

  4. Where Pop Culture "Knowledge" Of Most Iconic Series Comes From, A Handy Guide:

  5. In an otherwise mostly serious story, with the vast majority of the comedy being “She hits him!!!” it’s pretty much just abuse, yes.

  6. Mfs who failed english class when someone even dares to examine a piece of media from an analytical standpoint: uH tHe CuRtAiNs WeRe JuSt bLuE HuRr DuRr

  7. I did laugh when they interviewed a bunch of famous/celebrated authors and asked if they’d used that kind of intentional metaphor in their writing.

  8. Pathfinder:Wrath of the righteous is an incredible game. It took everything that was good about kingmaker and turned it up to 11. There's a lot less bullshit in fights too - wild Hunt gaze I'm looking at you - and some bosses & encounters left me buzzing for a while after.

  9. There’s a handful of references, but they’re largely playing out at the same time so they’re more or less separate.

  10. Absolutely, it’s the best CRPG since BG2 and it and Kingmaker are -to my mind- the true successors of BG2 since.

  11. For me personally, the biggest legacy was that this game proved that a lossly (you drop things when you die), non-consensual PvP is a death's kiss for a game. The game was doing fairly poorly, until they added Trammel (consensual PvP only), and the game recovered and started to grow, becoming the biggest paid MMO the year before WoW came out. WoW came out with consensual lossless PvP and major focus on PvE, and completely blew UO's numbers out of the water. Proving once and for all that non-consensual, lossy PvP is cancer. EVE Online, which released same year as UO reached its peak, and was also non-consensual lossly PvP, also supports this. That game, despite being a technical marvel (battles of 2,000+ players simultaneously with local time dilation) never went over 500k subscribers because of it. Even going F2P some years back did not save it, because the concept is fundamentally flawed.

  12. Playing on a PvP server, that happened to me maybe a grand total of a handful of times.

  13. Dog racism? Damn. Chihuahuas were used as food, does that mean we should be eating them? Or maybe rottwielers bred specifically to guard shit aggressively? How bout dobermans thatre bred to attack anything coming on the property? Right cause we all arent retards who think that a breed acts a way just cause its that breed. Its almost like the breeds i listed have the same advice for pitbulls too: train them right and be a good dog owner.

  14. The British Pakistanis have been just as inhumane.

  15. My favourite part about this was after the story broke about the Rochdale County police department that refused to arrest (and actively assisted) one of the grooming gangs for fear of being considered racist, a grand total of absolutely nothing was done, nobody lost their jobs, nobody was fired and there was no punishment for any of the officers.

  16. I was gonna say that wasn't funny at all and not sure why he spent so much time on it- but that last line about the 6yr old in America was legit pretty great.

  17. SigMario has an edgy backstory too, that doesn’t stop him from being edgy.

  18. I mean, an “anti Hero” used to just mean someone that wasn’t a byronic perfect hero. Someone like Batman would be one.

  19. The whole game is now just... covered in trying to get you to pay more. The first thing you see after the intro is "BUY THE BATTLE PASS" and clicking on it shows an elaborate "How to pay for the pass" screen, and straight up has "You can skip the grind and get Kiriko right now if you pay!".

  20. The weekly and dailies give the premium currency.

  21. The Phantom Thieves don’t brainwash anyone, all they do is destroy the persons justification or rationalisation that’s preventing them from feeling guilt for their actions.

  22. There’s no brainwashing, they just remove the part of the psyche that’s suppressed their guilt.

  23. Yeah, just like I mentioned before- sounds like your experience is coming mostly from your head and a lot less from reality.

  24. Sure buddy. Good luck with all your apparent sociopathic women problems.

  25. More like, keep treating people like the fantasies that play out in your head, lol.

  26. It's kind of funny that scouting is coed in almost every country in the world but the US.

  27. I believe NZ and Australia both segregate them, I assumed all commonwealth countries did.

  28. Oh cool. If I play a completely different game with an entirely different setup, give Blizzard all my personal details AND let them store recordings of me, they'll give me my stuff back.

  29. This 1000% a random guess, but I think the class rep will somehow be getting the mirror lady's power. Just because there is no way mirror lady doesn't comeback and class rep is your stereotypical plain-jane archetype. Like I don't think we even know her name, to be introduced so recently and then we are introduced to a new yokai. It has to be for her.

  30. As stupid as this is, I really appreciate this for not going the Uzaki route where the mother is pretty much perfectly fine with cheating on her husband. Or even Komi where she teses it.

  31. Blue Lock never tried to be a realistic version of football, you’re misinterpreting it from the onset. The premise and the usage of what can basically be summed up as football ‘superpowers’ is the main appeal. Just because they don’t literally use magic doesn’t automatically mean a manga is trying to be a recreation of how the real world works. If it was trying to be realistic it wouldn’t start out with locking a bunch of soccer players in Blue Lock, the hook of it is that it’s something different from the norm, something that is more stylistic rather than focused on exact mechanics. You know what nobody asked for? Another sports manga with an adult coaching a team, with the same teamwork and same character archetypes. Blue Lock does well in and indeed absolutely thrives differing itself from the offset

  32. I dunno man, I’m on OP’s side here- it sounds ridiculously bad.

  33. Well yeah I don’t think the idea appeals to everyone, ex. OP. But it is a more unique take on the sports genre and without that hook I doubt the manga would be as popular as it is now.

  34. Except the character’s are apparently Football maniacs… that don’t know the first thing about football, lol.

  35. For Vegeta, he loses to every god-damned antagonist in the series. He's a capital, bold u underdog.

  36. I never actually watched anything Dragonball. I just assumed when he first showed up, he had an off screen historic record of being a super bad ass.

  37. Nah, he wasn’t badass at any point prior to the series.

  38. That doesn’t make him an underdog, he’s just a Worf.

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