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How do you view suicide morally?

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  1. Couple of things can cause this. If you have loose pubes stuck near the dick hole. Or if you are uncircumcised and don't pull the foreskin out of the way of the dickhole.

  2. I’m cut 😅 it just happens sometimes not all time but it’s crazy no one else does it other than my bf

  3. If you want to go then so be it, there’s reasons some won’t understand and you don’t owe anyone a reason to begin with… sometimes some pains are to much to understand or bare

  4. Im reading through these comments and y’all are really subscribing to some shit some little ignorant twink is saying on the internet. Jesus Christ. You all are the proof I need to let my family know that being gay IS a Choice. I came here to find community, but I would rather fake a marriage and have a baby with someone I don’t even love than deal with this everyday…

  5. 😂😂 thank you for realizing I’m a twink but I was genuinely curious, I think there’s a lot of unrelayed info

  6. Yawn. I feel no different for the most part. My body is more susceptible to depression and anxiety though - when it happens, I feel it in my muscles but it goes away, I lose hair but it grows back etc, libido changes but it comes back. It didn't affect me in my 20s.

  7. I wouldn’t say geriatric lmao but I’ve always heard that at 30 your body changes and it’s either you get “grown man” strength or things start to pop and shit.

  8. You sound like an attention whore, if they don’t want you it’s cool just drink and dance gays are already cliquey af and 9/10 the ones making out with people already planned to meet there

  9. No one but I worked as a gogo dancer for a few years I’ve seen guys like this 1000x every night, people shouldn’t base thier happiness off of others

  10. The “blue haired” Over progressive gays give the rest of us a bad rep when we tell people we’re gay that automatically compare us to them even tho we’re 2 different extremes

  11. I would say do it but only because I was doing shit like meeting up with older men in the middle of the night and saying anything to anyone after a while I started sharing my location with my family and some friends, it’s not a bad thing to do if that’s what you’re getting around too, have fun just be safe ya know 💕

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