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AITA expecting my husband to cook for us while he's not working?

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  1. How on earth did you "steal" the apartment, crazy woman, like you got it for free! And as if you got the only bigger apartment in the city. She needs to stop hating on people who are better off than her!

  2. A big hell no! You don't owe her anything, she can leave the stuff where it is, it's your home.

  3. NTA - why on earth should you pay for some kids computer? Does your gf expect you pay for every customers computer who can't afford to pay the actual price of it? Are you a charity now?

  4. Not wrong at all, I can't believe your sister would ask that! How insensitive!

  5. There was one episode where there were sisters, one was overweight, the other was seriously underweight. I forget the episode, but the slim sister went to Houston with her sister, when they got to the airport the bigger sister was complaining that it hurt to walk, the airport staff asked if they wanted a wheelchair and the slim sister said no, she wouldn't be able to push her and made her walk. Originally the slim sister said that she would stay in Houston with her bigger sister, then she changed her mind.

  6. I had exactly the same thing happen to me, I needed to write a short story and I wrote and wrote. A 2k word story became 7k and it wasn't quite done. I ended up stopping, thinking about the favourite bit of the story and then started again around my fav bit.

  7. There are other ways to teach him money management, charging him rent isn't the way forward.

  8. How much do you earn a month? If you want to contribute to the household then you can, but not all of your money, that's not fair at all!

  9. NTA - everything you said was true. I can't believe someone would just ask you for your savings, that's not how it works, family or not!

  10. NTA - your brother is never going to change if people keep bailing him out. He needs to learn a bit of responsibility!

  11. Bless you, I know how you feel. Now this is going to sound preach-y, but hear me out!

  12. NTA - you're in the house with the baby and if she wakes up you'll look after her. You get paid for the time you're there.

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