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  1. I haven't watched AC but this seems pretty cool. I think the most important thing would be the mechanics though.

  2. This is merchandise based on the popular horror game Poppy Playtime, to be specific the antagonist ambigous helping person Kissy Missy.

  3. Doesn't she help the player? I don't think she did anything bad yet

  4. Huh, this is really neat. Anyone know a way of using it?

  5. Jesus, how did you get it that smooth? Hours of calibration?

  6. Hey OP! I just wanted to let you know that I made this. If anyone is wondering, it absolutely works. I'm having a lot of fun learning how to use my newly accessible camera!

  7. Man, where the hell did you get the batteries for it? The link OP sent says that they're unavailable for me

  8. Idk bro that's like one of the first results when you search up olive oil and go to images, I'm guessing it's just a popular brand

  9. I can't really imagine this being easier to read than the normal one

  10. The toy animatronics aren't possesed. There isn't any real proof of William going on a second killing spree

  11. Memories broken!The truth goes unspoken!

  12. I don't know the season or what is the reason I'm standing out with my

  13. This is like saying a word so many times it loses it's meaning for a few minutes

  14. Lol, it’s an old Polaroid camera (that took long discontinued instant Roll film) that’s been modded to take Instax wide film (there’s some mods that use lomografloks and some that are original 3D prints).

  15. Huh, interesting. Makes me wonder what other Polaroid/Instax mods exist

  16. If they’re meaning “6 inch girth” I’d be very concerned

  17. Maybe it's like, around? Like how you would measure a waist

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