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  1. Thoughts on META today? Seems super over bought in the last few days. Looking for a good entry for short term puts then longer term calls

  2. Tech looking kinda weak today, even with the SPY trying to push. Honestly nervous about holding calls

  3. Thinking META will likely tank today from whatever if open at. Went straight up Friday, with a very rare drop in price.

  4. I promise you red tomorrow.

  5. Any way the market doesn’t tank tomorrow? The Supreme Court bs didn’t seem to impact the market much late Friday or after hours. But thinking things might be different once it’s has the weekend to settle in…

  6. Was there news on Meta today? It basically just ripped all day long. I was making a killing fading the pops on it all week but got smoked today. Holding a large amount of 7/1 157.5 P. PRAY FOR ME

  7. Serious question. A buddies account just used his third day trade but it put his account over 25k. Does he have to wait until tomorrow to use unlimited day trades (as long as his account is over 25k) or will get cucked by PDT if he trades again today?

  8. FUCK IT! HOLDING 1/3 SPY $480 CALLS TILL MONDAY (A LOT OF THEM)... maybe check to see if I still have a roof over my head next week

  9. Real question... Ally Invest is saying I did 4 day trades in 5 days weeks ago when I didn't and now I'm marked as a PDT. They're saying they can't do a one time reset. If I place a trade today, they'll still let me sell it today, right? My account will just be fucked, eh? I already made an E-trade.

  10. Around this time last year, I went from $1k to $55k in about 3 weeks. I got super lucky and had a really good streak to start, was really risky to begin. Then I would just live bet. Of course I lost it all on two opening night NBA games I never should have been betting. I went on tilt after being pretty strict once hitting the 20k mark or so.

  11. crossing my fingers that AAPL does what AAPL usually does and bounces back after an ugly red day, otherwise, my 180 calls are fuk

  12. I loaded up on $177.5 calls. Not my wisest decision ever. But hopefully tomorrow is bigly green

  13. How big will AAPL pump tomorrow? No way its down big 2 days in a row on no news

  14. I once turned $15 into $1,000 overnight. I bought 15 $.01 Sprint calls randomly (tried to buy 50 but only 15 filled on RH). The next morning, they got one of the regulatory approvals needed for their merger with T-Mobile and the stock went up huge. I could have made closer to $2k if I sold closer to market open.

  15. unless AAPL rockets up again, watch out below for SPY and QQQ in the last hour

  16. AAPL propping this up, there's no way we keep pumping... I couldn't imagine buying AAPL here, you know its gonna pull back a bit with profit taking

  17. Well, had a nice little come up last week, trading 0 DTE puts, this week lost it all plus some... BUT I have some more day trades this week so we'll see

  18. I would have bet my left nut that the market would have stayed positive but had a big dip at some point

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