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  1. I would say she’s probably waiting for tyler to seek help but we all know she won’t even let him hold ozzy. I doubt she’d leave him with the kids to go anywhere even for an hour.

  2. Who’s geese?? I’m sure haymitch would still be there for katniss and peeta when they needed it. Also did others from district 12 that survived return home after the war

  3. I had high hopes but I don’t love the texture or the fact that they just did a G instead of the full logo

  4. That is a Catholic crucifix. My experience is that many Catholic’s live their faith by actions not by screaming their beliefs from the rooftops.

  5. I went to catholic school most of my life and I disagree tbh Catholics love to make other people feel bad for not believing the exact same things as them

  6. How do you know they weren’t in district 5 aswell she may have know they were poisonous

  7. They were only in the woods, I doubt foxface was able to sneak out of district 5 to go foraging

  8. You don’t know she may have heard stories from people about them who knows there is so many key factors to how she may have known they were deadly

  9. She’s gonna hate it here (fl) I’m calling it now. It was 92° at 8am this morning, not good weather to go outside either

  10. If this is real idk why he even bothered posting he obviously doesn’t regret his decision or think he was in the wrong

  11. What did you expect? You hired a kid to watch your kids lol

  12. Not all teenagers act like this, I’m 20 but I’ve been with my NF for almost 2 years and I can assure you that I’m a good nanny. This sub generalizes young nannies so badly when some of us are great at our jobs

  13. I'm not a young nanny but I agree. I know some stellar young nannies who go above and beyond at their jobs. The same thing happens with older nannies though. Everyone acts like they can't learn about current safe sleep and car seat regulations but if you've been working with kids, you can learn and keep up with the times.

  14. Yeah I’ve definitely noticed that on this sub as well, idk when everyone decided you had to be a certain age to be a good nanny but I missed that memo

  15. My favorite part of that video was the $400 baby carrier while she whines and complains that she can’t afford a babysitter to be able to care for her children properly and do something as simple as get them dental care.

  16. If she can’t afford proper care for her children with a dual income idk how she thinks she’s gonna do it while tyler is trying to become a barber ETA: hasn’t she also said she’s paying out of pocket for weekly chiro appointments? I feel like cutting back on those would also help but she thinks it’s the most important thing ever apparently

  17. They still do, I’m a nanny and brought my NK and they gave her some and now every single store we go to she asks for stickers

  18. I read the whole series in like 2011/2012 I think. I was in the fourth grade and a lot of it went over my head

  19. I love the miami store, I went the day it opened and have been back a few times since and every time I’m impressed. It’s so well done

  20. I don't support LGBTQ and I'm not going to write a hateful post about it. But I don't really see the references you made as LGBTQ ... I think you are just seeing things you want there to be. Let's not ruin this great book series with political or sexual oriented discussions.

  21. I went to one in chicago in 2019, i don’t think it was a paid one though. It was really cool with all the props from the show and the merch

  22. Ross and Monica, they’re both so overly competitive about everything and need to be right about everything. I wouldn’t be able to deal

  23. Oh absolutely. These anti vaxxers always seem to come up with the most extreme vaccine injury stories. If there's any truth in that, I'm wondering what suddenly prompted them to vaccinate their 17 year old for only meningitis. Why not other things if they were anti vaxx and if they weren't, why wait until then?

  24. You get a booster before going to college I believe. I got the first one around 12 and then again the summer before I went to college

  25. Do all the actors who appeared in Friends still receive a payment may it be small, or was it a special privilege for main characters?

  26. The husband of the actress who played Jasmine (worked with phoebe) has a tiktok and has said before that she gets a payment still! Idk how much though

  27. The hoodies are amazing quality. I got the polish collab (drawing a blank on who it was with) and the colors stain my nails but they lasted decently well.

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