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  1. It happens quite a bit. Many dentists dont take Medicaid so maybe thats it. I do have problems with Medical providers taking two years to bill. It is not the norm, but it does happen on occasion. Also they might have already been paid, but a glitch in their billing systems. Many doctors offices have separate bill company.

  2. The dentist here takes Medicaid, as I went to them when I was in foster care too. I will call them and see what’s up. (They don’t take my insurance now that I’m not in foster care, pregnant, or under 19)

  3. Yeah not pain from the wounds, sometimes my throat still will get itchy. Glad I got it done, but the emergency second surgery was mad expensive. Super bummer.

  4. Damn that’s not fun, I know some doctors have exercises you can do to stretch out the throat.

  5. Yeah it's not so much my airway is closed. I'm extremely active and almost am never winded. It's mainly that my sinuses just get blasted from allergies and all that junk just lingers back there and infects it. Better than it was just still not great.

  6. I smoke weed and my doctor cleared me to smoke a day after surgery. I didn’t until at least a week after, but it wasn’t that bad? From what I remember. How are you feeling now champ?

  7. Wow that’s interesting. I was raised LDS but also spiritual (dad was a satanist and mom was a Wiccan before lds) and I have lots of dreams about “casting” away demons. I used to recite scripture in them but that never worked. Now my subconscious resorts to physically fighting any entity in my dreams.

  8. Boiled water and used a mixture I made with laundry soap, stain remover, and hydrogen peroxide

  9. Mto3 says:

    It’s quite the transformation! Wow. Do you do this for a living? If not, you might want to consider it since I know a lot of people, myself included, would love to hire someone who does a great job cleaning up fabric furniture.

  10. Thank you! I don’t do this for a living haha, I’m poor so when I get stuff I either try to make it nice or keep it nice! I’ve thought about getting into the cleaning business but I did this with a kitchen sponge and determination haha. Not sure how customers would like that lol. It was a lot of fun!

  11. WOW!! That looks amazing! What a difference 👍🏽

  12. Op this one. I've seen every film in your list and all the top comments. This one is the most fucked up. It's worse than Serbian film 5 mins into the film there's a full frontal of a naked child. It only gets worse from there. It was based on book by de Sade, which is were the term sadism came from. The director of the movie was killed for making the movie shortly after its premier. If you want a film that's actually hard to watch, isn't enjoyable and makes you feel terrible as you slog through it, watch it. It's an experience you won't forget

  13. I know it’s been years but I just read the director was actually killed for trying to sodomize a teenage boy with a stake? And then the boy kill him.

  14. I cannot believe how many YTA or ESH there are. It is genuinely embarrassing how many people here lack reading comprehension.

  15. I’d like to add I can only imagine how the husband treats the disabled sister when OP is gone. I’d check in with her and make sure no verbal or physical abuse was going on. We already can tell he has no problem with her medical needs being neglected.

  16. I agree!!! Obviously favoritism as well, but to me this has sexism written all over it. Hobbies that women take interest in, especially if it’s to do with physical looks, are made fun of and diminished. I guarantee if she had asked for expensive cooking ware or a sewing kit he would have.

  17. Taffy finds a Halloween witch. It’s about an orange cat who wants to find a home.

  18. I really like tummy’s (on men and women, but especially women). Abs on females are nice too! For some reason I don’t find them as attractive on men.

  19. It’s not gay but mine won’t let me peg ☹️ just wants me to eat his ass but got mad when I pulled out the dental dam cuz he’s always ripping hella ass

  20. I've been watching anime since I was 8 and I'm 21, just got caught up on one piece, finished kaisen and am caught up on demon slayer manga

  21. It’s good! The person I was watching with likes dub more and the MCs voice is a little funny, and he’s a cry baby, so I’d watch in sub if I were you. I just started tbh probably on episode 4 now, but honestly it’s a good series!

  22. A1 “it tastes good on anything”-quote my a1 bottle

  23. My boyfriend yelled at me for almost using half a jar of A1 sauce with my meal at a restaurant (to be fair I’m 8 months pregnant almost okay)

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