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Six crazy Hilaria Baldwin moments you didn’t know about

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  1. At this point it’s mental illness. At this point he is also at fault. Stop bringing innocent lives into your chaos, ITS CHEAPER TO GET HELP

  2. I wonder if Mandy was culture shocked. Black church can be overwhelming for people who haven’t been before lmao

  3. This is why his people be looking at him sideways because he brings the mustiest of the must around him!

  4. I didn’t have to work today, so I spent all day sorting through clothes and junk and dropping things off at Goodwill. After six years of bad memories in this house, including domestic violence and being on the front lines of Covid and sleeping in my car so I wouldn’t get my kids sick, my kids and i are leaving for greener pastures! Starting a new job, in a new state, and buying the first house I’m purchasing all on my own. It’s scary and exciting!

  5. Thank you so much! I keep having lil tiny panic attacks about it, but I know everything is going to feel so much better soon!

  6. The issue is Hiltzik IS somewhat powerful and Alec hasn’t been found guilty. The excuse my friends gave me before was he needs to be charged, now it’s if he’s guilty. The foregone conclusion is in the court of public opinion it’s split - not because people like him because it was an accident. Rich celebs and rich people hate admitting fault and then paying for it. But his career is done. He will be in Bruce Willis land with Daniel Baldwin doing Slovakian crime dramas that premiere on Tubi. BELIEVE THAT. As for her, she’s truly whatever, and everyone knew. I’m convinced people don’t talk about it more because don’t make her famous. But Amy’s special will change that, I’m convinced that will open a floodgate for a little bit

  7. Schumer’s new special apparently there’s a significant segment re Hillz

  8. She’s all talk. She’s trying to protect her prey! They’ll both regret it soon!

  9. Cause Mandy was making fake accounts and trying to dox people and they don’t want no devils in the house

  10. That's the only thing going for her so she's going to go on and on about them. Even with those eyes they don't do her much justice. 🤷‍♀️

  11. I’m sure there’s some psychology in this - like that was how she got attn from men etc. She has a child’s mind. She thinks if she controls this piece of a man she will be able to keep him. They’re supposed to be down bad together. She’s constantly gaslighting herself—she knows the minute he leaves so goes her self worth. Toxic co-dependency is real!

  12. Oh no doubt that's what these men point out. Musty mentioned it in his " i don't just love her because she's handsome with blue eyes" slurred speech. 😂

  13. He couldn’t fix his lips to say beautiful or pretty which means to me, he’s halfway lucid. She’s just loyal and willing to give up whatever she got. Easy mark.

  14. I have had to call in on 3 bills because they were inaccurate and billed me at a rate when I have coverage. I’m convinced this is a COVID related tactic they’re trying just to get people to pay it’s happened to me and my husband now and we have physical cards we’ve handed over — that or billing reps at hospital are just horrible at their jobs.

  15. His house is a monstrosity esthetic that’s taken over SFV so he is one to talk

  16. She blocked my finsta! It’s for the best she was giving me nightmares.

  17. Same... geez. I had a dream about fk'ing Maurice the other night 🙄🙄 (no, it was not a sex dream, thank god)

  18. She is so goddamn gross I’m fascinated by the depravity and how one person can be so gross and entitled and bold when the reality is their lives are disgusting. It was fascinating but it’s not good for my chi. If I saw her in the street though she wouldn’t even know what to do. That brings me peace.

  19. Yea wouldn’t talk to press at all tbh - Hiltzik is notorious and this feels like a tactic. Don’t engage.

  20. I’m completely convinced they had a blowout and he told her to quit it. There’s nothing she can do that won’t draw criticism and ridicule and the last thing he needs right now is more of that. She if anything has made this worse imo.

  21. I am betting on Huffer. Manly doesn’t have the stamina to go up against stimulants.

  22. Yeah I'm sure he texted it. More like she did from his phone. Wish she'd grow up

  23. lol no my husband texted this to me, we were giggling about the video posted here last night

  24. You give them both far too much credit🤣

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