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  1. Yeah not to mention TMS is usually considered their quintessential release, not Exmilitary

  2. no one comes close to the GOAT bame1

  3. i love the youth!! i feel like it has some good lines, is the issue with it just how repetitive the chorus is? because i kinda dig that too...

  4. ahh gotcha, i don't mind repetition in songs usually and i personally think youth does it well, but i totally get you

  5. I can respect that. I’m more for repetition when it’s like madlib or mf doom style idk why this ahit never clicked for me maybe it’s too long for my zoomer brain lmfao

  6. You’re welcome to take the design and have it printed elsewhere 😀

  7. I kinda wanna try this but just a tiny bit of melting but not enough to stop it from playing. Curious as to what it sounds like lol

  8. ok so i relistened to the original with headphones and this may or may not help.

  9. Adults still do it. I remember a podcast recently getting to reddit's front page with two grown men calling it "White people music".

  10. I think talking shit on a podcast different then bullying. It’s much different when your peers are saying you and your tastes are lame to your face rather than just calling a band u don’t like ass or some shit

  11. I always thought she was 30 when Debut was released. It was my comfort fact when I turned 30 this year 🥲

  12. Plenty of famous artists weren’t popping till even their 40s. I think Bill Withers and Jay Z r examples

  13. The lower down u get from his face the more gross it gets why is it so veiny mf got those new age vasodilators or some shit

  14. Tier list when you first discover MGMT is like

  15. I think it’s super refreshing to see an artist exploring new lanes brought on by aging and their body changing instead of typical doomer “oh I’ll never be like I was when I was young” . I notice this being especially heavy on female artists so I love that she shows there’s new exciting things to find in yourself after turning like 30 lol

  16. This like that video where the guy gives a ball to a fake “dog” and beats the ahit out of it for taking the ball then shows the ball to the real dog someone gotta know what I’m talking about

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