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  1. The pants being pulled down and the shoes gone is very suspicious if you ask me.

  2. When you freeze to death, you feel hot. Many people who have frozen to death have been found to have taken their clothes off, sometimes completely.

  3. I'm not sure when this was taken, but it's hot here now. Like upper 80's low 90's.

  4. "Temperatures on the morning of February 26 dropped into the 30’s. It is likely the woman had been exposed to the elements for many hours as smugglers drop off the migrants several miles to the south of this location."

  5. I literally can not watch this woman, I tried and was gagging like 15 minutes in and had to shut it off. I can't even think of her "boiling water" 🀒🀒 without gagging more. She's not cheap, she's crazy.

  6. It's been a tough week tbh, had a lot thrown at me all at once. Anxiety, insomnia, depression has all been running wild. But I had a nice dinner with my kid and my bf the other day. It wasn't fancy, just at Denny's, but it was the most relaxed I've been all week.

  7. That sounds so nice, I’m glad you had a great time!! Cheers to a better week friend!

  8. This is one of those movies where if you don't know who's playing the character, you're absolutely going to have a "Wait, Collin Farrell was Penguin?!" moment.

  9. I watched last night and just had this moment because of this thread πŸ˜…

  10. I just want to give a shout out to Colin Farrell. He was unrecognizable, hilarious, and embodied Penguin so well he even pulled off a literal penguin waddle.

  11. I'm blown away by this information. I'm usually pretty good at spotting actors, but I would have never guessed :0 wow he did a great job.

  12. I got to node 4. Was only planning for two but accidentally hit the buy 10 and went over, so I figured I might as well go for 4. I got Prince first, Sunflower Girl, Mosquito Girl and then the other blonde one. I didn't have enough dia to finish, and didn't care for the last suit so much anyways. I didn't recharge, but I spent some dia to finish the extra suit and background.

  13. My internet is terrible and it happens to me all the time. Sometimes just turning wifi on your phone off and on works, or restarting your phone, or even resetting your wifi box (idr the name rn) if it keeps happening. BUT if you have multiple things, tvs for example, set up on the wifi it could mess them up to reset it and you'll have to connect them all again. Doesn't always happen, but I found that out the hard way lol.

  14. the thing is nothing has changed in the internet that i'm using, no one else is online at night and i turned off my laptop and switch (as well as closing other apps) before trying it out so i dont know how much better of a connection i would need

  15. Could be that your internet provider is doing stuff, maybe maintenance, that's affecting it. In that case it should start working again once they are finished, but there's not really a way to tell when that could be. Might be a few hours or the day.

  16. Treasure Trove/ Rose Palace πŸ˜“ it cost me so many diamonds (to me at the time) and I don't like it and I never use any of it ever. The make up is kind of cute, but it fits the face weird and doesn't work with a lot of hair πŸ˜• it was ages ago but I'm still salty about it lol

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