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  1. Not to mention how the "San Diego" is spelled wrong ("Deigo") in the scene labels through the entire episode. This is perhaps my favorite thing ever.

  2. Because they weren’t in California but the slightly lesser known San Deigo, UT

  3. I like how she elevated her hair 80's style to enhance that Sputnik of a forehead

  4. That doesn't support your claim that Trump said this. In fact, the only quote from Trump in this article was one he said when speaking to Jeb Bush when he said something similarly stupid, "The World Trade Center came down during your brother's reign, remember that?"

  5. JFC, Trump spouted this numerous times AT OFFICIAL TRUMP RALLIES where Trump took the stage right after and joined in the nonsense. Trump also called Obama and Hillary the founder of ISIS. Isn't there a flag decorated truck parade you should be at? MAGA people are just allergic to reality.

  6. He’s mentioned it a few times in the show. Friesen is a Dutch-ish name, and most Mennonite names are vaguely Dutch.

  7. They (like all Anabaptist faiths) are actually mostly Swiss-German ancestry (although smaller communities have Dutch genealogical ties). Pennsylvania Dutch, as most americans know them, is a corruption of Deutsch or German. edit to add - Friesen is a Swabian (southwest German)-Swiss name.

  8. All Nazi were horrible genocidal maniacs, but not all horrible genocidal maniacs Are Nazis. Nazis are a specific term, for a specific ideology. Not all Russian soldiers are Nazis.

  9. There are so many laws and “sins” that made sense 1000 or 100 or 10 years ago, but don’t now. Before antibiotics, reliable contraception AND disease prevention, and DNA tests, it probably made sense to “ban” premarital sex if only for public safety reasons. Same with Bible-era pork consumption - mighta been more dangerous than it was delicious (and it IS delicious).

  10. Yes. I’m fine with decriminalizing it. But allowing multiple legal marriages? Hard no. It would be a nightmare for the courts.

  11. Then you are unfamiliar with Russian cuisine. The only think more popular to consume is vodka

  12. 😂 came here to say something very similar

  13. I’m American but raised in part by a Polish grandmother and I put sour cream on almost everything 🤣

  14. There is an email like this for every single job ever filled. There's nothing illegal or unethical about it, it how the capitalist world rotates.

  15. In an emergency scenario like that, trying to say it politely is probably not the best option - you should lay it out there plainly. Sparing someone's sensibilities, at the risk of them getting raped and killed, is not a good trade off imo.

  16. telling an eastern european who lived through WW2 and Soviet occupation that the Russians coming will be "as bad as you think it will be" is plain as it gets.

  17. ME TOO! I'd hear "worship at the altar of Celine" and also Dan's unapologetic love for pop music and didn't question it

  18. Just here to say you are all so wholesome, this thread gives me hope in humanity

  19. Solomon’s birth. It’s not that birth is disgusting.. it’s natural and great, whatever. It was Robyn’s step father in there, her trying to stay quiet while giving birth because *patriarchal religious reasons * and her saying that she didn’t want Brianna to hear her. Everything rubbed me the wrong way.

  20. I think you misunderstood my question. I was asking why THE PEOPLE WHO DO IT PREFER IT. what is the reasoning behind it?

  21. BUT WHY? There must be some theory behind it. Some story. something that explains why they have that preference.

  22. That’s an entire area of study. People get PhDs studying death rituals. You seem to think there is a quick Reddit-style answer, when there simply isn’t.

  23. Unfortunately not as I’m from the UK, we tend to just stab people mostly here, only hardened criminals and farmers have excess to fire arms 🥲😂

  24. With that lighting, you could put a Chuck E Cheese band up there.

  25. You can get a font, its a water dispenser and has a sort of drip tray. But its dangerous with kids that could leave it on. Pot filler might be the answer

  26. Its truly amazing. My family is mostly norwegian and this is a dish that we have always just called "German food". You toss simple flour dumplings and potatoes in the sauce and serve it with country pork ribs braissed in sauerkraut (homemade of course). And then plenty of black pepper and salt at the eater's discretion. I've tried to pin down the origin but haven't had much luck.

  27. Could you share the recipe for this black magic sauce? Is it in equal parts and just those three things?

  28. Well to be fair, Ukraine also has an exhibition about the sinking of the Moskva in the science museum in Lviv. As much as I despise Russia and their cynical war, this seems more or less the same thing.

  29. Well, when you live in a place like the US, and grow up poor... you develop a pretty dark sense of humor, and a lot of cynicism. If we don't laugh at this shit, we'll cry. I voted for Bernie twice because I'm pro Medicare for all. I've marched in demonstrations, I went to the DNC convention in 2016 as my vacation to stump for Bernie. I've fought for M4A... I can joke when another country is threatening us because the US is more concerned about its military budget and power than its own citizens, and that's a big mistake on the part of Russia. So after watching the video of Russians trying to act like they have military power, puffing up their chest, while they're losing a war to a much smaller country, when we spend more than all of most of Europe, Russia and China combined... yes, I think its kind of hilarious. Ukraine is one of the few places I feel like we are doing something right with that.

  30. same. our military industrial complex build up (with tax dollars) while actual industry was allowed to die; coupled with the militarization of local police departments against the populace they are supposed to protect just kills me. Ukraine is the first time in ages I think our weapons have been used for good.

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