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  1. Alas these will be the last CLF posts to Vitards as I realize that so many of them are being removed. I'll just post them on my own Reddit page if anyone is interested...

  2. I assume you’re posting this (again) to make me feel better about $CLF dropping today.

  3. Be weary since his predictions on Bitcoin have not panned out time-wise….

  4. You may not like the person, but he's got an uncanny talent of calling rallies... and I've learned not to short when he says bull... FYI he didn't say he's all-out bullish... He's also unreal accurate about sector rotations, like oil and energy when I was sure oil was dead.... but THIS ALL DEPENDS on what sectors you are holding... His thing is BEEF (not the meat)... and mine is commodities/reopening.... His Bitcoin calls have been off but then again I don't listen to his crypto analyses...

  5. Thank You for posting this interview. I will cross post the link in daily so others can view this thread also.


  7. if you are known as "atrue42long" on Yahoo Finance, CLF page, and viewing this, as I know you sometimes do... this is Derek. I was banned on YF for violating the community standards by telling that jerk Rich to "get lost" after he was trolling me. AND, since you asked over on YF and I can't respond yet, I accepted the offer! With 15 months' worth of expenses in the bank now (thank you LG), I finally feel more than secure enough to take the leap. This was my 5th offer in the last 3 years, all the previous ones I turned down because they weren't the right pay or the right fit.

  8. Guys reminder we will be removing posts without any commentary from the OP. Otherwise share these videos/links in the daily

  9. My bad… can you please elaborate on the requirements for the commentary? Much appreciated…

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