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  1. I looked at this and the milwaukee and can’t figure out how it would be an improvement over a single handed reciprocating saw.

  2. My thought is that because all the cutting is done in one direction, it would vibrate the thing being cut less and you'd have more control.

  3. Sorry for my ignorant question (I don’t live in the US). But why are cottonmouths not native to Michigan ? What is it that doesn’t make them go there?

  4. A good rule of thumb (though it does require a bit of US geographical and historical knowledge) is that if the state fought for the Union/ North in the American Civil War, it doesn't have cottonmouths. (The exceptions being a bit of southern Kansas and southern Illinois.)

  5. Can totally picture this as a buzz feed article. What do venomous snakes have to do with the civil war? Click to find out.

  6. Also, citizens of the seceded states who remained loyal to the Union were known as copperheads.

  7. I am also interest in both Ostia and Aqua Garden. I looked into AG a bit but the general sense I got was that it’s beautiful more than that it’s a great game. I like beautiful, but if the game play is only average or “decent”, it’s probably a pass for me. And that of course makes me wonder about Ostia, if it will be in that same situation.

  8. I picked up Aqua Garden on the last Kickstarter. I wouldn't call it amazing or ground-breaking, so it might not be a good purchase for you. I would call it a B for mechanics and let the art and meeples bring it up to a B+.

  9. They're also called "coffin windows" on the theory that it was easier to get a coffin on the roof and through the window than up and down the stairs.

  10. I'm new to the sub but have been DP for 2 years...y last project 310 was black and have noticed it has been on a this across the board? Is this with all colors? I've wondered this... while thinking what to do with left over diamond and if I ever ran out how to get the right color

  11. Most diamond paintings use the same color codes as DMC embroidery floss. Diamond Dotz (R) has their own numbering system, and the aurora borealis (AB) drills from Diamond Art Club have a different system.

  12. Standard Issue Cat. Aka gray tabby.

  13. That's the hole runaway teenagers you keep in the crawlspace use to breath.

  14. Heck, when I was a kid (7ish and very small for my age) I snuck into my neighbor's crawlspace once through an unscreened vent.

  15. Only $20k, where can you adopt for that little! My favorite is feeling like you’ve found a good agency, much like feeling you find a good fertility practice. Only to find out they’re manipulating shit bags making money off of peoples desperation.

  16. That was the number being bandied about in the comments of this post:

  17. In a nutshell, yes. Feral and domestic Rock Pigeons come in a variety of colors as a result of domestic breeding. This color type is usually known as red.

  18. Is this a bred color, or has it been eating in the Indian restaurant dumpster?

  19. Ordered cabinets on Dec 4, everything but one drawer front (still missing) arrived by Dec 15th or so.

  20. Props to the agency who won't place kids in a non-christian family?!

  21. If it's wrong to put black kids in white homes, or Buddhist kids in Christian homes, then it's wrong to put non-Jewish kids in Jewish homes. You can accept all potential adoptive parents regardless of the race and culture of the adoptees, or you can keep adoptees in their birth racial and cultural groups and discriminate against adoptive parents who don't match the race and culture of the adoptees. You can't do both.

  22. I don't think supporting outright bigotry is a good thing, but OK.

  23. Personally, I think discriminating against parents whose race and culture doesn't match the adoptee, at least in public adoptions where there aren't enough potential adoptive parents anyway, is a bad idea. Many public agencies disagree with me, and prioritize racial and cultural homogeny for adoptees that can't be placed in kinship adoptions over minor considerations like a child's bonds with their foster family.

  24. Knowing how cat usually react by feet under the cover, I can guess how it ended

  25. Here, I want to get picture rails installed in my house which has 9ft ceilings. I've read up a few how-to articles and it seems straight forward enough.

  26. Common Watersnake, Nerodia sipedon. Harmless.

  27. In my experience, people who don't understand expect you to live in a fantasy. A mind set of "I'll never give up! Good things come to those who wait!"

  28. My go to response these kind of comments is compare it to the lottery. "It could happen!" "Yes, it could, and I could win the lottery. But I'm not going to plan my life around it happening." "Good things come to those who wait." "I'm sure if I keep buying lottery tickets every week, I'm bound to win eventually."

  29. Well, let’s put it that way: we would LOVE to have a magic baby out of the blue but we tried that for a while and have a full diagnosis. Stress doesn’t change anything to fertility otherwise you wouldn’t have kids while having PTSD or in war zones. Also, we believe in science

  30. Amen. All three of these statements can't be true:

  31. Hmmm... While that is a very interesting question, I'm not sure that we can really compare previous generations to this one based on historical factors.

  32. And even the first generation with readily available birth control (folks coming off age in the 60s and 70s) tended to have their kids early. My mom married at 19, was on birth control for a while, had me at 24 and my sister at 26, then went back on birth control until my father's vasectomy. She and her three sisters with similar reproductive histories never thought about infertility and miscarriage rates in their 30s because they were done having kids by that point.

  33. My problem with ADHD and diamond painting is that I hyper-focus on the painting so the next thing I know, I've been working for ten hours, my Saturday is gone, and I realize I haven't eaten all day.

  34. I can't identify a pitch just by hearing it or keep a beat, but I've still managed to be a half-decent violinist. As long as you can tell the difference between two pitches it's possible, but that doesn't make it easy.

  35. The closest I can do is remember the sound of a B flat. (That's the tuning pitch for bands.) From there, I go up or down the scale to find the match.

  36. You wouldn't believe how many peoples homes that I go in where the crown is hung upside down.

  37. This is part of why I did a three piece crown. The center piece that joins ceiling and wall is a simple symmetrical cove.

  38. Three piece is a good way to go for a beginner. I know crown can be intimidating but it can be easy. All you have to do is cut the crown upside down on a miter saw. Ace the crown on the saw like you would put it on the wall just upside down. You will want the small cove to face up then just hold the crown in position and cut your 45s. Most people just get hung up trying to over think it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I have installed well over 100,000 feet of crown.

  39. I had to break down and build a jig to hold the cove in the correct position because I could never consistently get the angle and miter correct. Once I did that, it was smooth sailing.

  40. if anyone disagrees that people should have the right to relinquish legal guardianship of their children I would truly like to hear why!

  41. If the mere act of not being raised by one's mother is traumatic, then one could argue that mothers should not be able to voluntarily terminate their parental rights to ensure the well-being of their child. A common refrain here is that the adoptee's rights trump everyone else's in the adoption triad. Well, why should the mother's right to not be a parent trump the child's right to its mother?

  42. Yes, the legs have that much adjustability. The cabinets themselves hang on the wall, with the legs being a secondary support.

  43. Very important though: the wall rail not only has to be level horizontally, but also straight in terms of depth. On an older house, that will probably require shims between the rail and wall in some places. Otherwise, the cabinets won't fit nicely next to each other when you hang them.

  44. Edit: thank you everyone for your support, it's midnight in Ukraine, so I'm going to try to answer your questions tomorrow

  45. On the subject of "brothers," allow me to share a Polish joke from the Cold War:

  46. Just for geeks, cause range, likely The Southern Black Racer (Coluber constrictor priapus). :-)

  47. Okay ... how did it get that name for the subspecies?

  48. I understand what the Latin means ... the question is why did it attach to this particular snake? I mean, you'd think a "priapus" snake would have a larger girth than a racer.

  49. Isn't that why surgeons go by Mr instead of Dr? They were barbers to begin with and medical doctors didn't let them use the title.

  50. You actually answered the question I was going to post. John Adams’ daughter Abigail had surgery for breast cancer. I started to wonder if it was a medical doctor at that point in time, but based on your last paragraph, it seems that surgery was done in the profession by then.

  51. That was the 1810s, which would have been near the end of surgery as a separate profession from medical physician practice.

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