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  1. Lol. You are the first person I've seen say this in most all of the threads I read. And I just don't ever understand why it's such a taboo topic.

  2. My dad put insulation in every wall and ceiling of the house when he built his own. The soundproofing was amazing. Only my current century home with plaster walls has had anything close to the quiet I grew up with.

  3. Those Elapid faces are so distinct they look mean

  4. Not quite as grumpy as vipers, but mean enough to be sure.

  5. Everything said so far helped me, and also the little bandit stripe across his eyes (I could see it better than my adrenaline-fueled picture shows), and you can *sort of* see in the picture that the tail-tip is chartreuse colored.

  6. The stripe is a good fieldmark for IDing cottonmouths. The tail isn't, as both young copperheads and young cottonmouths have that chartreuse tail lure. (Though to my mind, once you ID that it's one of the four species in genus Agkistrodon, which exact one is a minor detail.)

  7. So, cottonmouths were made using the beta software, copperheads were the Pro edition?

  8. More like cottonmouths were made on the free trial version; copperheads paid for a proper license. :)

  9. I wonder how many things are designed to these proportions because of how easy it makes things. Like there might be some underlying reason certain things are always the same size and it all goes back to math shortcuts.

  10. Definitely more use 3-4-5 triangles than 5-12-13 triangles, though both will get you square angles with whole numbers.

  11. Embrace it. Time for Who-ville ornaments.

  12. Sure, it's dystopian if you ignore that this has basically been a thing for most of human existence.

  13. No it hasn't. Through most of human history, women raised their own children. It's only been in the last few hundred years that the idea of outsourcing their children's education has been a normal thing, and only in the last 50 years that outsourcing non-education childcare has been normalized.

  14. They do pay competitive but really they largely tap into Christian employees due to the no working on Sunday ever bit and it turns out to be a higher grade for whatever reason, also note that the workers are skewed to female as well.

  15. Heck, even for the employees who aren't Christian, one same day guaranteed of every week is a huge bonus you won't find anywhere else. Plus, there's also no Christmas shifts or Thanksgiving shifts; you won't find that at other fast food or cheap retail either.

  16. Ahahaha does s/he even know how spoiled s/he is?

  17. Unfortunately your artificial dye story is inaccurate. Lavender was not the first artificial dye ever made. The first artificial dye was created in ancient Egypt, with the production of ‘Egyptian Blue’, which was a perfect imitation of the color of Lapis Lazuli. This was only figured out by modern science a few decades ago.

  18. You should post more pictures of that beautiful builtin and woodwork over to

  19. Going to agree with the consensus here -- don't refund.

  20. Caveats: When I changed the width of a Sektion cabinet, I made a wider, not narrower, cabinet, and I did it with a pantry cabinet, not a base cabinet that needed to support a countertop.

  21. I’m not even bothered by some of the bigger titles around at the moment, and I’m still swamped.

  22. Aqua Garden is both gorgeous and fun. And it's also exactly the kind of game KS was made for; they don't even use a pledge manager. Without KS, it wouldn't exist.

  23. What's funny is that I too feel like too many games have dropped in the last ten days, but my list includes none of those. I'm excited for Deep Shelf, the Beachcomber expansion for Aqua Garden, Hike It!, with PM pledges for Life in the Amazonia and Zoo Tycoon.

  24. Is it good for 2? I’ve never played..

  25. It is very much a 2 player solitaire. It needs 3 people to shine at least.

  26. The Solitaria expansion has solved that problem for us. Not only does it provide an interesting AI opponent for a solo game experience, it's designed to also be a third player in a two-player game that can be competitive or cooperative.

  27. If you look at the instructions, there are two different positions for attaching the drawer front to the drawer, based on whether it'll be a bottom drawer or not. Are you sure the front is being attached in the correct position?

  28. One of the Walmart stores that I shopped at in Shenzhen had the eggs right next to the fish aquarium chemicals.

  29. The one in Beijing had a little alcove with various open-topped tanks arranged in a U shape. I was talking with a friend near it, when I noticed the fish jumping from one tank to another.

  30. I don't believe there is anything intended for this use, but there are some clamps that are intended to turn the Kallax into a desk, you might be able to figure out a way to use those.

  31. Those clamps only attach to the interior divider pieces of a Kallax, not the edges, so they won't work.

  32. Pardon my ignorance but i've been seeing the term "No-kill shelter" quite a lot lately. What does it exactly mean?

  33. Many traditional pet shelters will euthanize animals that they don't think can be adopted out (e.g. too feral), will be too expensive to get healthy enough to adopt out (e.g. have contagious diseases like distemper or kennel cough, or have serious injuries from abuse/ neglect), or who have just been in the shelter so long it appears no one will adopt them. Space and resources are limited; while the triage is not pretty, euthanizing some animals to save more is a rational way of allocating scarce resources.

  34. Isle of Cats because I don't care for cats. This answer is probably already somewhere in this thread but wanted to double down on it

  35. The fact that the back of the box lid says "Insert Cat Here" does rather suggest that they knew exactly who would buy the game.

  36. I love that in Michigan, that is a sufficient explanation.

  37. Does anyone know if Aqua Garden is going to go to online retail? That shipping is really off-putting for a lightweight game.

  38. It should be noted the base game is lightweight in terms of play, but it's not "light" in terms of actual mass. I don't think I have another game, aside from maybe Dinogenics, that has so many wooden meeples.

  39. They are. But I can’t orgasm or get enjoyment out of someone doing something to my toes. I can just feel it there when I have an orgasm. I don’t know if that makes any difference. It does sort of seem like a wires-getting-crossed thing to me.

  40. Exactly. The brain structure/ crosswiring theory may explain the feeling of misplaced sensation -- I get the same thing.

  41. Well, one of many areas of the brain that might respond to pleasurable sensations. However, just because a brain area is next to another doesn’t mean they have any meaningful connections. Your thalamus has chunks right next to each other than relay to entirely different sensory cortices, for instance.

  42. Well, I believe there's at least some potential for a crossover due to proximity, because sometimes I feel my orgasms in my feet (without, say, all along my leg, as you might expect if it was a matter of overloading a nerve trunk). Agreed that there's a lot of compounding factors and proximity can't explain it all, though.

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