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  1. They must have changed their policy … there used to be signs prohibiting non service dogs. A few years ago I emailed them and complained about a dog that had licked my leg in checkout line, they apologized and sent me a $25 gift card!

  2. The Big Old Larry downvote train starts around 8pm PST every night too. Make sure to upvote all your fellow Pepinos!

  3. I always wondered why I’ll make the most innocuous comment, Reddit notifies me I got 10 upvotes and next time I look it’s 9.

  4. Exactly why I just opened Reddit. Damn, I can't stand them.

  5. She was a mommy influencer but that ground to a halt after Griftmas. She wrote a book, did a couple of podcasts and was a yoga teacher. Not super successful at any of it.

  6. A lot of it is surely budget…I mean that “festival” in Hawaii was smaller than the monthly Saturday concert series in my Oklahoma suburb. As I said in another post, surely, the OG Six played bigger ones in Pittsburgh.

  7. I think it’s a combination of PR people and lawyers telling her to cool it for a while. Honestly I kinda miss seeing what the rug rats are up to.

  8. I think she enjoys the attention from being pregnant way more than she enjoys have a child. If the baby is small enough where she can use it as a prop, she still gets some satisfaction, but I think she prefers the attention on her and not the baby.

  9. She’s not important or interesting enough and hasn’t done anything criminal. Liars and narcissists are a dime a dozen.

  10. I just love him, and the series. Such a weird juxtaposition of mid-century sexism and almost laughable technology, with themes that still hold up today.

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone work so hard to have a personality and fail.

  12. The “look what I can do” sounds like Stewart from MadTV if you’ve ever seen it.

  13. Bravo!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 RIP Lauren, can’t wait til you rise from the dead for your next bait

  14. One time I was feeling petty so I made a whole fake account with a burner email and sent them the password reset link for that account instead. I loaded the account with scammer memes and cursed images 🤣

  15. I have smoker’s lines and have never smoked nor am I bulimic 😭. However I do think she smokes at least occasionally.

  16. Not sure if she smokes or not ....I have smokers lines (have never smoked a day in my life..) however, I use straws every single day. Straws cause smokers lines too ...😢😢

  17. I don’t use straws much either … I’ve decided I must be making faces in my sleep because I have no other explanation. I tend towards anxiety so it wouldn’t surprise me.

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