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  1. Yeah, you can get JQL results by API call, so first, you need to find all tickets and then send an API call for each ticket. In Python should be at least 20-50 lines of quode.

  2. Hmm, have a look at my workbook dedicated to JQL and search in Jira. You can find a few similar real-life examples. Then, if you still need to, I can look at your query.

  3. I dd not say anything about server. Is server even available in v9?

  4. Yeah, the end of support is in 24, and I still have the license. Also, a few of my clients use Server. Unfortunately, however, it's not possible to buy a new license.

  5. Why not pip install jira? The mod is soo good! Also, could you test the settings using Postman first?

  6. I tried using the Jira package but didn't see a way to use the JWT token there to authenticate. Happen to know of one?

  7. I use only tokens - you can find many examples of how to do it. You only need to change one bit, that's it.

  8. thanks for the suggestion. I'm looking for more of a front end form builder like JotForm or Microsoft Forms that would connect to Jira in order to create issues. I know I _can_ program a back end API call to work off of a simple form on a webpage, but I don't have the bandwidth to develop something from scratch right now. Was hoping there was a turnkey solution out there.

  9. Yeah must be! I thin the JotForm could do that. You only need to prepare a response in API -

  10. we actually already use JotForm. I will look into see if they have a connector, thanks.

  11. You don't need any special connector. If the JF can send a URL + some variables included to it should be fine. You can test it using curl command

  12. Thank you, so just to confirm no way to send an HTTP request to Jira API endpoint to create new keys and delete old keys.

  13. Although the answers are right-ish, I think most people are missing the point. Jira Server licenses are perpetual-use. If you don't mind not having any updates and support past this point, it's a totally legit use to get a vintage Jira Server license. They'll be able to convert to DC any time they want if they feel they need updates.

  14. Yeah but maybe I'm wrong however a while ago I spoke to a client with a similar situation and they couldn't purchase additional 20 licenses for the Jira Server. Altazian told them to move to the cloud, Data Center of fuck off.

  15. It's true, you can't purchase a license from Atlassian or vendors since 2021. You can't upgrade tiers anymore either since earlier this year and support ends completely in 2024. This post exists precisely because of that. OP is trying to get a bigger license from one of us, in case we have a 100-user Jira Server license lying around. It's a long shot. I don't know about you, but even if my org had such a license, we wouldn't give it or even sell it away. Realistically, they have to make peace with the fact that Jira costs money every year now and get DC or Cloud or move to free solutions.

  16. Yeah, we are on DC, so it is still possible to buy more licenses only problem... DC is fuckign expensive, and 500 users minimum.

  17. Yeah, it can be frustrating. It's a different league compared to Trello. I'm not sure if the tool is right for you guys; if you don't do Scrum, just kanban, maybe it's overkill, but you can also choose next-gen projects in Jira. It's like Trello on steroids. I train and optimize Jira professionally, so you should watch a few tutorials first. You can find it on my channel. Jira is good, but you need to optimize a bit. I also have free training but check my YT channel first.

  18. Love your videos :) I need to get my videos going as well, so I'll take inspiration from you :)

  19. Thanks, man :) Yeah, you should do it. Any questions or tech stuff about videos let me know :)

  20. I want a python script that can create a 'subtask' ticket on the Story.

  21. Yo, so just test the API by Postman first, I'm using DC version, and it's for the Service Managed / JSD. You can convert it to Python in minutes.

  22. Nothing. The tasks just don't start. When I run them manually, they work fine. The triggered tasks show 'succeeded' or 'no action performed'.

  23. This can happen; I suggest redoing the automation but creating a simplified version first. Sometimes when you have a lot of steps, they will stop working. Sometimes re-creation can fix the problem.

  24. Since last Friday it works again. A colleague of mine, with access to the OS of the machine where Jira is running on, did something...

  25. Oh Windows issue, lol! Fuck Windows :D Yeah no problem - I never used Windows for Jira anyway but if works that's cool

  26. Yeah, this will be hard but possible. I think using a custom field isn't possible, so you need to use Script runner or shit like this and use Scripted Field. I think I have done something similar in the past.

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