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  1. Titebond and clamps to pull it back together. You'll probably need some tapered calls (blocks) on front to get a square pull on it.

  2. There's someone selling one just like this in my area for $725, but it might be a little later, it's an A serial number one.

  3. This is also an A series. Does this date it later than mid 1980's? Don't hate me but, this was $290 from a pawnshop

  4. I'm not sure if you know but these JV series guitars are worth up to around £1k because they were made to such high level of quality it rivaled the fender US stuff at the time.

  5. It has aged very well. I only wish I could install original US style tuners without drilling new holes.

  6. Since the furnace is new, you could just add a heat pump to it and save some money. Look into the Gree Flexx or the Bosch IDS 2.0. Both are drop in replacements.

  7. Keeping existing doesn't have the benefits of a variable speed blower, which is something that is very quiet and cost saving. Recent legislation with energy reduction tax credits could nearly pay most of the cost. Next year could be a very good time to take advantage of this.

  8. you should speak to your tax professional to make sure you fall into the income brackets. for me, i wouldn't qualify.

  9. Tax professional, hmm. Interesting advice. I'm really stuck on a mitsubishi ducted inverter system with small quiet condenser unit and variable air handler and just wondered if they offer an optional gas burner. Mitsubishi seems to have the best reliability and efficiency in mini split technology. They don't seem advertise much detail to consumers though. Perhaps they just re-label Trane/American Standard products since now all 3 are merged

  10. Seems like a good full strength dye followed by light sanding could accentuate the stained grain layers on similarly grained wood. The subsequent shellac may inhibit the dye now tho?

  11. How do you make it so there’s a gradient of yellow and orange? Every time I do it it becomes one solid color

  12. To me it looks like one color with varying degrees of penetration, with the open grain layers developing/absorbing more color. In fact it does look like plywood in the pics, which explains the contrasting layer effect if the dye. Let’s call it a ‘laminated’ stock since this is how they’re advertised.

  13. There’s like three thousand different kinds…any suggestions?

  14. Whatever is in stock at your local store. They usually only stock a couple so makes choice easier. Paste or gel might be less messy than liquid. It's probably latex paint from the look of it so should slide right off with a little push. If stubborn, wrap it with plastic food wrap to keep it from drying out while it softens

  15. Thanks, that’s awesome. I do have a feeling the paint will come right off once it softens up; it doesn’t seem like a particularly well-done paint job and wants to come off already. I just have no experience whatsoever working with paint removal, so I didn’t want to slap something on and then find the veneer peeling right off with the paint!

  16. A heat gun and careful scraping might work too. Just be very careful with sandpaper on the veneers

  17. Everyone who complains they are overpriced garbage.

  18. You really need recent sales prices of comparable properties in the immediate area to know.

  19. Similar properties in this area go for around $300,000. Would it seem to you a good value to spend $200,000 & then spend money on the renovations. It just feels exploitive that the seller paid only $37,000 initially for the property although that was years ago.

  20. One has to consider only current sales values. Price paid 30 years ago is absolutely irrelevant to current value. You have to put forth an offer that you feel is fair and that the seller will accept. Whatever he paid for it should not influence you. That's the bottom line.

  21. A few weeks back the fish were literally jumping out of the water at Maritime, and I watched a dude scurry around to help them back in before the seagulls could get them.

  22. Ah, i forgot, it's magic mushroom season....they jump into your arms. Riiiightt. No license no gear no boat no experience needed eh?

  23. You gotta be trolling. If you're basing your decision to move here on reddit comments you're doing yourself a disservice.

  24. It is one way to gauge atitudes of the locals...on various topics. The OP, asked questions and got the shitload of downvotes on Lk Whatcom...granted, it's a small sample of life, however reddit is for people capable of reading and writing, so somewhat educated, and there is a bit more hostility in the Bellingham group (a lot more) than the average community sub.

  25. Just from reading online and speaking with a few locals. I'm hearing that Whatcom Lake has an over development problem that has affected the health of the lake. I guess there is low dissolved oxygen affecting the fish and plant life. And from what I understand, there is little ability or advocacy to slow development around the lake. Some people were concerned about it because that's where Bellingham gets its drinking water and that might be a problem down the road as more jerks like me move to the area.

  26. Actually development in the surrounding watershed to the lake is quite restrictive these days. Sudden Valley was an overdevelopment that happened and there was an environmental epiphany afterwards. But that side is densely wooded and dark and damp. Kinda of a different vibe than Bellingham proper.

  27. Looks like fine art piece with natural wood checking (cracks from drying) My humble advice would be to keep it in a environment with 40-60% relative humidity to prevent further drying (recommended RH for fine wood instruments) and seek advice from a museum conservationist. Alterations or non-professional repair may seriously affect value.

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