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  1. How many years of war until he learns how to record the screen properly?

  2. Good to see some expat russians who are willing to protest against Putin and for Ukraine.

  3. This fool doesn’t get it, I want to yell at him that it’s all lies he’s being told, everything your president tells you is a lie. But he’s ruzzian so it won’t ever sink in, he’s just a pawn for terrorist leader Putin.

  4. If he carried those characteristics, he would not be invading Ukraine in the first place (neither Georgia, Moldova, Chechnya, Siria etc.)

  5. The pipeline was an act of war that the US was obviously implicit in, I just pray nothing further comes of it. We are literally sleepwalking off the edge, and everyone seems to be excited about it for some bizarre reason. Not everything is so cut and dry. Many things people deemed unthinkable for years have happened in the past few, why would America being attacked after inflaming the Russians at every available turn be treated any differently? Never underestimate your enemies, never overestimate what you have to work with.

  6. Did they have to do a full mobilization against the Chechen’s?

  7. they had to do two! full scaled military campaigns involving conscripts from everywhere in ruZZia

  8. I don't understand how a cruise missile can fly 800km (500ish miles- an assumption) across an entire country and not be noticed. I mean, can modern anti-aircraft equipment/installation detect this relatively small of a target or is that why they are effective? If a C-RAM can shoot a 60/80/120mm mortar out of the sky, and these things fly so slow and low that you can keep focus with a phone camera, how do they make it that far? Is AA just clustered more around larger urban (Kyiv/Lviv-type) targets?

  9. If you launch about 100 missiles and drones at the USA from different directions, I bet some will get through. SAM is not 100% efficient

  10. There are less than 2 dozen T-14s ever completed and only the last 12 (which were delivered in late 2021) are identical as they represent the first real production run and are currently in testing before production was to be started. Every T-14 that proceeded that 2021 first production run, were each unique prototypes with some differences between them. As of today, the T-14 production line has yet to restart and Russia must win this war for the T-14 to even reach full scale production, meaning a loss in Ukraine will signal the death of the T-14/T-15 family of armored vehicles altogether.

  11. No, "pider" is a short of "pederast" which is how homosexualists are called, so listening to what both Russians and Ukrainians say, they both believe their counterparts are gay, which they really hate. While Russian attitude regarding hating the LGBT is more or less consistent, it's not quite clear how can Ukraine share the European values of LGBT tolerance while calling all of their opponents a gay which they obviously despise.

  12. Ok, so we REALLY need a translation, on this one :-)

  13. I wonder if any of this is getting through Putins iron wall of propoganda. I know Russians celebrate xmas officially on Jan 7, but fuck me If I knew my government was bombing kids on xmas day Id be rioting in the streets.

  14. he has said " they are taking one out, but three more are coming in and that's like very symbolic for ruZZIan enlisted"

  15. Would like to know what he is saying as he looks at the first body.

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