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  1. I don't really remember if I finished. I don't really feel if I finish at this point

  2. I guess lol. Day 85 todau. Every day is a new personal best

  3. It is not very comfy and doesn't stay in well in motion

  4. I can never keep those hollow plugs in, they always slide back out โ˜น๏ธ

  5. Same. It slip out while I was taking out the trash, put it back in but eventually took it out for bed because it was uncomfortable

  6. What want to know is - Did you have a Sand problem - you know with the Cage - I have to double clean to get all sand off whit out one

  7. Not really. I showered as soon as I got home, I did wake up with a bit of an itch so I did unlock it at bedtime and put it in a cleaning solution of rubbing alcohol and hot water before going back to sleep. The next day when I went I had no problem with the sand

  8. Love the hat. saw youโ€™re in jersey, was this one of the nude beaches up north? Iโ€™ve yet to go but live by philly and want to find one lol

  9. There's only the one it's at Sandy Hook and thanks on the hat, feel free to shoot me a DM I'll be home in an hour

  10. How do you like it? Ive been very curious about them since the holy trainer seems to want to chafe me to death xD

  11. Been in it for theast 5 weeks, most comfortable cage I've ever worn no chafing at all

  12. Thanks my goal is actually 17 weeks and 6 days for a total of 125 days

  13. I haven't posted yet today but my checkin tonight will be up in a about 4 hours

  14. Thanks lil one. This big little bro makes plenty of em

  15. Totally normal. I can be a very dom bottom and love the idea of locking a top up and only letting him out to fuck me

  16. You donโ€™t seem like a big bro to me, champ. Maybe you need to start over and try again

  17. Nope definitely am, a good example to all you little ones. I've changed enough other boys wet and messy diapers, milked their locked pps, held on to their keys for them, and spanked their naughty bottoms that whether or not I'm locked or padded I'm still big enough to do it again

  18. How long do you wear the plug for? I only have a jewellery steel one and its not great for wearing diapered.

  19. I popped this in about 2 hours ago, supper comfy. I out grew the jewel ones at his point so I got my nice squishy one in

  20. Strait Jacket Shop on Etsy, a bit pricey and shipping takes forever, ordered in late April received on Friday

  21. He looks awfully happy about it. Are you sure he didn't hide a copy of the key somewhere?

  22. He's me lol and the keys are sitting on my coffee table. If only someone was here to take them away

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