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  1. you can download the shows with cloudstream beforehand to prevent buffering

  2. So I was in the OR on surgical oncology, with the chief resident and attending on a colon cancer resection for an African American patient. The Attending was born in India, and the chief resident was born in Pakistan.

  3. Crypo lo oka 2-5% invest cheyyu max. Start rupee cost averaging into ethereum and bitcoin and no shitcoins ffs

  4. It's basically the brains of the phone telling it what to do.

  5. So this is the end of waterproof phones I assume? No way they can be easily removeable and waterproof at the same time.

  6. Old sony and samsung phones were water resistant while having removable backs. So it's possible

  7. Water resistant but really we only got the waterproof phones once you started sealing the phone in. Curious how they can engineer this as anything that is removeable will have a crack for water.

  8. I have seen it so many times. Guys who refuse to get up from seats allocated to women.

  9. Transfer USDT via Bep20 chain would be more cost effective

  10. it's a centralized network. Recently binance stopped transactions at their will because of a hack. How is it decentralised and what's the guarantee they won't censor your transactions or comply with the government?

  11. You seriously think little kids learning bicycles will read that here on reddit?

  12. Maybe someone here will read it and then when their younger brothers are learning they'll do this 🤷🤷

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