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  1. Honestly, I wish they would just get rid of the leagues, and make this more of a pure language learning app rather than a video game.

  2. The Duo support told me the update is about eliminating the confusion caused by users having choices. =|

  3. Don't be afraid to say it looks and functions like garbage. Because that's the truth.

  4. Om jag var ett äpple skulle du fortfarande älskar mig?

  5. That doesn't even make sense grammatically.

  6. Skulle du ignorera mina misstag om jag var ett äpple?

  7. Thanks! I'll keep trying to look into this and see if it's something I can fix within the next update.

  8. Just checking in to let you know that the recent update you made to the add-on fixed my issue! Thanks a bunch

  9. Not sure why you’re getting downvoted, it is beautiful. Just highly invasive and deadly to trees

  10. Wait why did you write that you "sit the car" somewhere then lmfao

  11. They could give out free blowjobs on that app and people would complain there was nothing to spend lingots on

  12. "Many trees are in Amsterdam" isn't technically wrong imo, but it sounds like the beginning of a poem instead of a regular everyday conversation.

  13. I can say my level of fluency is B1 in French as i have given assessment tests in Alliance Française. I'm not sure about Turkish but I'll put it at A2.

  14. "Ili" can refer to things, too, pretty much like "they" in English.

  15. Every card is actually a HTML webpage, with CSS and JavaScript. You can achieve what you want with JavaScript code.

  16. It's like, obviously the best way to study isn't through an app, but I do wish there was a quality one on the market that was even a little bit as popular as the owl. I hate to know so many people are wasting time :/

  17. If you answer Good long after the due date, Anki will assume you know the card really well. Hence the long intervals.

  18. Ah, ok, yes this is with the most recent version, and with the V3 scheduler.

  19. What Duolingo doesn't give you is the immersion you'd get from living in a community that speaks the language you're learning, or anything of the sort—sure I've been practicing for a long time, but spending ten minutes of a day with Spanish when I'm going to be using exclusively English for the rest of it becomes a major obstacle in attaining fluency. I've learned a lot, but I don't have much experience with applying that knowledge in real-world situations to make my level of fluency matter, if that makes sense.

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