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  1. Unfortunately, especially in the case that the perpetrator lives in another country, there's basically nothing you can do. Just block them.

  2. Cute girl added me and the account was followed by someone I knew so I figured they knew people I did. Maybe I’m just down bad lmao. I didn’t get any notifications that they were screenshotting anything, otherwise I would’ve stopped immediately. So idk how they did that

  3. Who was the person you know that follows them? That’s your catfish.

  4. No cause I talked to him and I know he would do that. He said it’s a bot but I’m fairly certain it’s a person, just not the person in the photo.

  5. From the start, the Russian soldier was at a severe disadvantage, both numerically (1 vs. 2) and positionally (being in a confined hole with nowhere to escape, which provided the Ukrainians with the upper hand of being able to assault his position from many different directions and with many different types of attacks). Given the odds, it’s crazy how close the Russian came to winning - he killed one of the Ukrainians, and very narrowly missed killing the second with his grenade. Also, the second Ukrainian narrowly missed killing himself with a couple of the grenades he threw. The Russian will never know it now, but he almost made it.

  6. Did he kill the Ukrainian with the first grenade? I didn’t even realize one of them gets injured/dies.

  7. You are. I'm talking cases of scandals that he is going through. If I was talking legal cases, I would be wrong.

  8. Case doesn't have to mean legal definition, a case can be an example of something. Sake of brevity

  9. Like he didn’t even check on him. You see Ukrainians evacuate their wounded.

  10. Not really psychedelic but I think Drinkin’ problem by Midland is a good song lmao (I don’t listen to much country at all)

  11. Sonic had a rough few years on meth

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