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  1. Sarah Jane and Clara are really not that similar imo.

  2. Clara has one companion for 2 minutes. We don't see their releationship really. Sarah has companions who plays a mentor role because they're children. Moreover, Clara takes Ashildr across the universe whereas Sarah lives in the same place. I don't see how they're the same

  3. As always with these threads, sort by controversial for the actual unpopular opinions.

  4. River and Susan got the desk photos. Just River and Susan.

  5. Yes but the doctor’s real wife the tardis took up like half the space in his office

  6. From the classic show? No. From the revival onward? Yeah he's a fun addition to the stories he's in plus he works much better in a kids spin off show.

  7. Because we want our show back. We can respect that you want Legends back but why can’t you respect that we want or show back?

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