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AITA for telling my sister I didn't appreciate her leaving her baby with us, when we were about to leave, to go to the bathroom?

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  1. Women are more likely to remember how they feel when they’re around you than how you look.

  2. It’s all about confidence. I’ve met some very “ugly” guys who had the confidence and idgaf attitude and women would drop at these guys feet.

  3. YTA! She took 3-5 minutes out of your day to go pee and you watched your niece. Jesus you gotta learn to calm your shit

  4. If Ned was a true friend he wouldn’t have jeopardized the other try guys lives the way he did. This is more than just cheating, it’s with an employee who could destroy their company if she pleases. This is their livelihood their source of income. Ned should’ve went to the guys and spoke to them before letting it get this far. He is not a friend and not someone I’d want to have in my life.

  5. Depends who is yelling. I find myself often intimidated and scared of men so I’ll cry or shutdown. If it’s someone I’m close with I yell back but again typically cry after.

  6. Not ok! This is disrespectful on another level. Also why the fuck does he think it’s ok to keep this after they’ve broken up

  7. I wasn’t confident enough in myself and it made me an easy target for gas lighting.

  8. The importance of being friends first. You’re going to have lulls but if you’re best friends that will help you work through it

  9. Always forgetting to grab a towel then yelling at him from the shower to get me one

  10. Being wishy washy with plans and / or flaking, especially if you go to the effort to plan an actual date.

  11. Grade 7 I started getting acne. I was constantly made fun of and fought with kids because of it. It’s taken over 15 years of learning to accept myself and my skin.

  12. I didn’t know about her. I spent months falling for him thinking it was something special. Turns out everything he said to me, he said to her. All those special moments and comments were repeated. She ended up finding out about me and calling me. It was such a shit show as we tried to navigate are the whole mess. I didn’t even know I was the other woman, we had to figure out who started dating him first.

  13. They know and are starting to work at softening the blow to prevent mass hysteria when it becomes confirmed public knowledge. That’s why they released all those UAP files, it’s the slow start.

  14. My husband grew up poor and my family was moderately decent with money. The biggest difference was grocery shopping (he does most of it because I never looked at the prices) and basic hygienic stuff oddly enough. He didn’t shower as often because they couldn’t always afford it, wouldn’t wash his clothes as often. He never smelled bad but when we moved in together that’s when I really noticed it.


  16. Because pennies add up. If it’s 1% more of profits in the CEO’s/ board of trustees’ pockets then their going to go with what makes them profit now matter how minuscule the percentage is. Any “charity” given to employees is a cost they already factored in.

  17. It’s just so greedy in the grand scheme of things and uncaring of others lives 😢

  18. That would require companies to raise their prices. Consumers have shown that they will happily abandon an ethical brand if it means saving money.

  19. Potentially, or these companies making multimillions could sell at the same price but make 50-60% profit rather than 100%. Everyone is still making money and it would still very much be a good price point

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