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  1. Thanks, "CONV" = Convex "CONC" = Concave buttons

  2. Yeah but for the MX buttons there appears to be three variants for the 22 size one on printables. Just the "Mx button 22", MX button CONV and MX button CONC. I assume CONV and the regular one are the same?

  3. Some Quality of life improvements and buffs for Josie, eddy and lucky Chloe (and maybe gigas).

  4. Dragging the green box on screen to select multiple units sometimes just doesn't work at all. I have to drag over them multiple times mid game to select them and it just doesn't work at times.

  5. Hey Liam! Hyped for the online challenge šŸ’„ Wanted to ask how online connectivity is going to supervised? Are there baseline requirements for connection speeds? and what are the disconnection rules?

  6. Hey my dude. So I had this problem a while back I hope this helps you. So basically I found out that since Tekken 7 is p2p, if you have a fiber optic connection and a dynamic IP address then you're gonna get shit connections with people even in your own region (for me it was even the same case with friends with similar ISPs) so to fix this I contacted my ISP and got a static IP address and then port forwarded Tekken (told my ISP to do it, you can look up what you need to tell your ISP). My connections are pretty fantastic now (baring randoms on WiFi and the occasional red bar obviously xP)

  7. Also, my ISP now charges me a bit more in my monthly bill for this static IP but nothing too significant (could be very different for your friend depending on their ISP so make sure they ask first before setting it up if they choose to do so) also you may want to read up on what a static IP means and what changing a dynamic IP to a static one means for your internet,cause you don't wanna get it and not know what's changed (not much)

  8. I haven't played Persona 4 yet, if he's the one who you referring to. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ But if that's what you're seeing here, that's really unintentional. šŸ™‚

  9. All you gotta do is equip the chair item and it's a pretty good cosplay šŸ˜‚

  10. Oh, thanks for informing me. I'm sort of new on Reddit so I'm not sure how I got shadow banned. But I'll try undo-ing it if I can

  11. Reading. I really loved reading but cause of my uni and general life style I gave up reading novels and such in favor if textbooks.

  12. I like making omelettes (pretty easy to make) But I had grilled cheese sandwich :0 ( really easy to make)

  13. Wow that's awesome! I'm happy that you were able to get something super postive out of that bad situation

  14. I'm glad it is working for you now. My guess is still that there was an asset missing, but it is hard to know for sure.

  15. Update: so I found out what was causing the problem. When I reinstalled the game this time I forgot to install the female voice replacer I usually install. Turns out it was the cause of the CTD all along. When my character is hit or hits the voice usually plays in oldrim but it just causes crashes in SSE.

  16. What kind of scan are we talking. I've only had ultrasound on my thyroid and I've never heard the term cold in reference to a nodule.

  17. The scan that uses radioactive iodine. Hot nodules are hyperfunctioning areas and cold nodules are non or hypo-functioning areas if the gland

  18. Hello there. Unfortunately we have had to remove your question as it looks like it may be a homework question. A couple of things to keep in mind about this:

  19. Oops, sorry, I didn't realize my mistake. I actually have looked at various websites, such as the united States Holocaust museum website and have even looked at books in JSTOR. But I just can't seem to find this one thing, or rather I can't seem to find where to cite it. Indeed the number is quoted in the memorial website but can I quote that?

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