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  1. Anything that isn’t single student housing is open for anyone to rent

  2. If it makes you feel better, buzzwole doesn’t make a good bug type attacker because he doesn’t have a bug type fast move

  3. In order to evolve Pancham I think you have to catch 30 dark types.

  4. Watch them have beast balls only for those in person ticket holders.

  5. Only in person ticket holders will be getting the ultra beasts…

  6. Do you know what player level & CP that I would even remotely have a chance of doing a remote raid at a popular place with a group to even have a chance? Im fully hoping to be carried here lol.

  7. Depends on the level of raid. If you have a group bigger than 4 or 5 you should be fine for anything

  8. I say you and I get into business together to make a novelty pokemon candy shop…

  9. How are all these casual players getting the damn shinies?! I’ve done so many raids haha

  10. I’m at about the 1/20 rate. I’ve done 100 mewtwo in the last two weeks and I have 10 shinies

  11. But I could theoretically use an elite charged tm right?

  12. Yes, but don’t waste an elite charge TM for that.

  13. I doubt I’ll ever have another chance to get a good one lmao

  14. What are the chances of you doing another mewtwo raid at all in the next two weeks? You have a free daily raid pass, and you can download pokiegenie to have other people remote in. 6 people can take him down easy.

  15. Am I missing something? Wtf do premium battle passes have anything to do with raids lol

  16. Premium battle passes are passes you buy to do in person raids

  17. You’ll have plenty of chances. They’re spawning for this event

  18. I literally can’t keep my jogging stroller without spikes man. I go for a 20 minute jog and there are like 30 in each tire

  19. Assuming you cant, since you cant even transfer to Prof. Willow

  20. Would it make you feel better about incense if I told you it was broken?

  21. Can use 3 berries to get sane result so poffins Are useless.

  22. It gets you towards best buddy status a lotttt faster

  23. Restaurant general manager with a side gig as a door to door salesman. About the same stats for me

  24. Been five weeks and still getting crashes on an Android 8 device. Some times are better than others, for example sometimes I can get through a rocket balloon without issue, sometimes it crashes after I tap on it. Always an instant crash whenever I try to perform a trade or join a raid.

  25. Typically planned obsolescence is by the phone manufacturer. Things like games and high GPU tasks start to fail

  26. Not that I’m aware. Unless you’re making a joke that wooshed me

  27. They’re OP for gym defending. Other than blissey, they have higher potential HP than anything else. I have an army of them for gym fodder.

  28. No, they’re not OP at anything. I’m assuming you meant HP instead of CP, and even then it clocks in at number 5. Blissey, Chansey, Wobbuffet, and Wailord all have greater HP potential. And the thing that makes Blussey so powerful is it’s ability to cover its own weakness. Being pure normal typing, Blissey is only weak to fighting types. But Blissey can learn Zen Headbutt and Dazzling Gleam to hit those fighting types hard.

  29. I did definitely mean HP and not CP. I should also clarify that it’s the second highest that I posses. It’s easy to find fairly solid gym fodder is my only point. Not talking about it having good moves or anything else.

  30. I walk 40,000 steps a day due to marathon training and my day job…. I only get to 500km a month

  31. But the real question, the day or night version when you evolve it?

  32. I’ve stopped playing because of live background tracking. Idc if they track me while the app is open. I care if they track me if the app is closed and I haven’t touched it in several days. Also the shitty main line series games killed my PoGo vibe cause I started day one with the hope of transferring my mons to a future main game. All the main games that I can transfer them to, GameFreak has left in a half assed mess that I refuse to support. I vote with my wallet to make sure that fuckers like GameFreak don’t see a penny unless they fix their shit. They still think they’re an indie dev team despite basically owning the largest media franchise ever. They get no sympathy from me.

  33. Then Niantic forces you into the settings app to turn it back on while the app is closed. Doesn’t let you go beyond the don’t play and drive message on startup without re-enabling full location tracking.

  34. I played for months with the “track only while using the app” option

  35. They’re not so subtly telling us to return to in person raiding - completely oblivious to the fact that it’s just not possible for a substantial demographic of players

  36. There’s a lot that can’t and a lot in my position- I CAN. But I work a lot and end up using my lunch break or dinner break at work to drive across town for a rockruff raid 😂

  37. I think Niantic intended this to be a quick to rise and quick to die game. Then it became way to popular to just shut down and now they are stuck with it.

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