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  1. It's now trash for sushi and poke, or anything raw for that matter. However, if you rinse it well, dry it, and cryovac it, you can freeze it for later use. Remove the bloodline before freezing.

  2. For sushi grade tuna, it must be bled out properly on the boat (ikejime technique is best) and immediately iced and/or frozen.

  3. It works but you should cut your nails and use your finger tips.

  4. You should be cramming management classes. Menu planning is the easy part! Good luck!

  5. I'm glad the cats are safe. That knife was so dull I was afraid they'd suffocate before it cut through! Someone should teach the French about weapon maintenance. Sharp knives would have come in handy when the Germans showed up!

  6. Dremmel makes a very tiny cutting wheel that will allow you to cut a groove and use a screwdriver to extract the screw.

  7. Thin it out with buttermilk and/or heavy cream and put it in a whipped cream charger with a double nitrous charge.

  8. They want lighter calories, not lighter as in “airier”, though.

  9. If it's "airier" it's less cream cheese which, according to basic science, would be less calories by volume.

  10. I've rarely seen it made in a true Paellera pan; without it, and the crusty rice, it's not paella. I'm lucky to be in the DC area so we have many real Spanish restaurants.

  11. hey,,, as someone who's gonna go to DC pretty soon... you got any recommendations for good spanish restaurants?

  12. Atxondo on 14th st NW the best budget Spanish with great paella for cheap. Zaytinya on 9th is technically Mediterranean but it's a Jose Andreś restaurant so it has a Spanish influenced menu. It also has a great outdoor patio. They are all in NW DC near all the sights, and in pretty safe areas. Just don't try to drive or park. Uber or Metro. You should make reservations for Zaytinya.

  13. Get washable laundry bags for each apron.. Like women use to wash bras.

  14. Yea, it's a banjotar. Not a lot of desire on the resale market. Just learn to play it.

  15. Same here. I've noticed it before but thought it might be from the filming of the movie. It's doing it now while watching I'm Terminal List.

  16. If labels mean that much to you then you can use gold leaf and sizing, followed by a clear coat. Or... you could just cover the case with stickers like a normal person!

  17. Gold doesn’t require a clearcoat. Good suggestion regarding gold leaf, I said the same thing later.

  18. I'd use the clear coat to keep it from scratching off as it rubs against things. I've always back coated leaf on glass and other smooth surfaces. Only time I don't is on wood.

  19. Original Zematis guitars custom made by Tony Zematis sell for <$10,000. The mass produced Zematis guitars are Gibson priced but they sound and play nothing like the originals.

  20. Man how do you try all those other POS and paid for all those setup fees as well? Like over $1000 of trial and error with these stupid ass POS

  21. Get demos. I've used them all at different restaurants but the demos from the sales reps are how you find out whats up.

  22. It is illegal for them to make you pay. If there's a bank robbery does the teller pay back the money? This is idiotic.

  23. Spend your money on a large butcher block and a high quality mattarello. Hand rolled is the best.

  24. I have a Wustof Classic santoku that I've been using at home and professionally for 20yrs. Still holds an edge and is an extremely workhorse.

  25. The rivets will eventually fail. I've seen them break off in my kitchens before. Look for something like this if you want a wood handle. YOSUKATA Carbon Steel Wok Pan - 14 “ Woks and Stir Fry Pans - Chinese Wok with Round Bottom Wok - Traditional Chinese Japanese Woks - Black Steel Wok

  26. No. Just got to your local asian market and get a 1 piece, hammered carbon steel wok and a wok ring. Once seasoned, it will last several lifetimes. I bought mine for $40 in the early 90s and it only gets better with age. Just never scrub it with steel or abrasives. Just mild soap,, hot water and a sponge and dry it with a clean towel. Don't waste your money on riveted junk with cheap wood handles and textured surfaces.

  27. You can also weaken the glue that holds the body together this way as well. The wood splits pretty evenly when this happens, but never at a good time, it’s a pain in the ass.

  28. OP said its a solid piece of swamp ash so not sure what glue you're talking about? Unless there is laminate or binding there should be no glue on the body.

  29. Not necessarily referring to this specific case, same as you in the above comment. Most guitars are not a single piece of wood, but multiple pieces held together by some form of adhesive. MAP gas can weaken that in some cases, just a warning to others.

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