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  1. I don’t even know why this is news worthy?

  2. It’s causing speculation about his future political aspirations as a democrat can’t win statewide in Indiana, where he’s originally from.

  3. I do not buy the argument that Barnes is the only candidate to 'defeat Ron'. Conservative Dems have been running for years on a tepid, vague platform of 'Defeat Bush/Trump/whoever', and it has failed for a long time. It never occurred to the Democratic party that an actual platform makes people want to vote, and passionately at that. That is why conservatives vote. Their candidates are absolutely clear about God, Guns, Military/Police power, and White Supremacy. Maybe liberals should stop being afraid of having an easily identifiable stance.

  4. Barnes voted for Bernie in 2016 and 2020 so saying he’s a conservative dem is not true

  5. I saw him on July 4 in Sag Harbor (The Hamptons). Don’t worry, I told him to go fuck himself.

  6. Yeah I saw he got tagged in a pic with PK Subban from the New Jersey Devils. Congrats if you were able to get invited to a party like thaf

  7. Haha no I'm nowhere near cool enough. I was just walking around Sag Harbor village and saw him talking to a couple people. They looked like friends and not like he was trying to campaign.

  8. I mean if he’s up in NY and not PA I doubt he’s campaigning

  9. I mean I don’t think any democrat would get the backing of current republicans so this is the best we can hope for. The best we can hope for is this news may sway some of the Trump to Biden voters

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