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  1. I may be jaded but I cant read that headline as meaning anything except "pfizer will not sell drugs in poor nations"

  2. Maybe the garage opens at the other end as well...

  3. Thats my thinking as well. Two doors, one on this side for easy access to pool/garden/bbq equipment.

  4. They say Britain is not going to provide warships. But other ships is still possible?

  5. And this folks is what we call a sociopath. They are more common then you might think.

  6. I know it doesn't mean much coming from a complete stranger, but my condolences to you and your friends family

  7. "Sorry, we could not calculate biking directions from "CBC Nova Scotia, 6940 Mumford Rd #100, Halifax, NS B3L 0B7" to "Red Square, Moskva, Russia, 109012""

  8. "A waste of tax money..." "Not profitable.." Right and how much money do highways and stroads make again?

  9. You DO know that there is nothing wrong with being socialist right? And that it's not the same and Infact has almost nothing to do with communism right?

  10. The greatest trick ever played on the American public was convincing them that socialism and communism were synonyms.

  11. Oh okay so they're donateing food to anyone who needs it right? Ah.... no it's the money thing.

  12. Apparently. Comment was originaly on a post of a daily mail article about if nostradamus preditcted this war I do not know how it ended up here.

  13. Wouldn't it need to burn about a billion acres to be a 'gigafire' though? A million acres would only be a megafire.

  14. That last bit sounds like a lie made up for the sake of tourism. Nothing stopping them from celebrating for the hell of it.

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