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  1. Heres a fun game: Anytime someone of this ilk mentions socialism replace it with democracy.

  2. Now if we had a small demon inside the fan, ensuring only oxygen passed through it, then we would be in business .

  3. I cannot sleep if there isnt a fan on

  4. Same have slept with one on since I was a kid. I get super uncomfortable in a room with still air and no noise.

  5. Yeah every mermaid knows fish top is the best, so they can get that big human booty.

  6. If non-shitty places to live weren't so rare they wouldn't be expensive. Make everywhere less shitty and the problem is solved.

  7. Can we please just replace "prankster" with the much more appropriate "wankster"?

  8. I have no clue what you’re trying to hint at. “Geography culture” isn’t a thing, cultures are made up of people…not land.

  9. early 2000s, not a single openly gay person at my high school; a few openly bisexual girls, zero boys.

  10. Same here, there were rumors and suspicions about a few people ( Including I would learn later myself) but no one was open about it.

  11. Slightly more than his salary so that’s not really news.

  12. I guess, but I would imagine being able to go around it is a big defensive flaw.

  13. From the perspective of a post ww1 french military planner going through Belgium didnt work out great for Germany the last time.

  14. Have you checked Australia yet? I kind of feel like they have venomous everything

  15. Hybrid words are pretty common. Antacid is a combination of Greek and Latin; television, metadata, liposuction, the list goes on.

  16. When the government allows your industry to not pay you minimum wage because your patrons are expected to give you extra money for doing your job correctly

  17. “Those poor bastards. They’ve got us right where we want ’em. We can shoot in every direction now.”

  18. This is just a guess but it seems like they noticed the exposure getting blown out on their direct photo of the sun and decided that this must be caused by someone physically dimming the sun. Edit: Possibly with that contrai... sorry chemtrail seen near the sun in the photo.

  19. Have taxes been raised or reduced over that time?

  20. Income and sales taxes in Canada have been fairly static for the last couple decades. Income tax swinging abouy 4% from the lowest avrg in the early 2000s and the highest avrg in 2016. I cant speak to property or bussiness taxes.

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