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  1. We shouldn’t completely cut off Ukraine. But it’s kinda whack that the US has spent nearly 10x more on aid for Ukraine than any other country. The rest of Europe has a greater responsibility to aid Ukraine than we do imo. not to mention most European countries already don’t meet the Nato defense spending requirements. Our military budget is crazy high and could probably be pared down if European countries spent more money on their own defense.

  2. seeing that this is from Daily Loud, you can almost guarantee its misinformation or a misconstruction of the truth.

  3. 85% of people on earth are religious and Christianity is the largest rn. More people than you’d think deeply believe in Christ and satan. Also Damson got Nigerian parents so you know he was in church every Sunday. Aside from that, even if you’re atheist (personally I was raised Christian but kinda lean toward atheism now) For those that do have deep faith. The power and drive they can receive from their god is very real. From Joan of Arc to the Umayyad Caliphate, or the crusaders. Religious faith is one of if not the strongest motivators to exist in human history.

  4. If they’re British, Canadian, or Australian yes. From anywhere else no.

  5. If witchcraft was real I’d have to consider that I could actually be eternally sent to hell for doing it so nah.

  6. It’s the off-season. There’s really isn’t so much to discuss aside from roster moves

  7. Courtesy of the Showtime Desus and Mero Twitter account

  8. And of course also Happy Belated B-Day to TheKidMero

  9. I have to say, I am very appalled that black americans continue to use the N word. I am a french arabic and there are a lot of derogatory terms about us. They are almost never used now and of course, french arabs will never use it as well. So why black americans feel the need to perpetuate the use of an insulting term about them ? I will never understand that.

  10. I couldn’t say for sure. It’s just ingrained now. Like when you grow up hearing people use the word in a friendly or casual way. You’ll pick it up as well. There’s definitely a good amount of African Americans who are completely against using the word, but mostly from the older generations.

  11. You won't ever hear anyone use the word "nègre" (litteral translation) in any other context than slavery history or racism. This word is very taboo, a pastry and a mushroom used to be called "tête de nègre" but noone would name them this way nowadays.

  12. In French subtitled or dubbed versions of English Media, is “négro” used as the substitute for when the slang version of the n-word is used? Like in the wire for example.

  13. working on the Slavery Ban for Indians. He designed also the Leyes Nuevas which aimed at getting the Indians and the Spaniards on the same level (in a legal sense). Partially inspired by him, the Pope banned in 1537 Slavery in general. And I must say, its very interesting that currently 50% of the voters consider this a negative thing, although there are not many votes in yet.

  14. I might be misremembering but didn’t he also advocate for the Spanish to start importing African slaves for labor instead of Natives. He certainly has a mixed legacy

  15. Lol her ex-husband's name is Jason with what a loser

  16. I feel like throwing up, haven’t been this anxious in a while

  17. You're talking about the guy who was murdered? Let's have a little humanity here.

  18. We got a 38% 3pt shooter on the bench and IQ sprained his ankle…

  19. Are international players not able to get payed through NIL?

  20. Most international college athletes in the US are in the states on restrictive student visas. So Offering NIL deals is more complicated as there’s restrictions on what counts as work, how much they can work, and how they get paid for work.

  21. You can’t overstate how important RJ has been on this run

  22. We Know for sure he killed at least 12 people, 13 if you count the guy who he let get eaten by a tiger.

  23. Franklin didn't kill Rob's friend, but if your counting Rob's friend, Rob killed him on his orders in his presence and if that is the standard the number is much higher. I know off the top of my head you'd have to count Lenny who Franklin made Ray Ray kill and idk his name but the person Franklin had Leon execute for playing music and getting the cook house raided.

  24. Ah I misremembered. I wouldn’t count lenny and ray ray.

  25. As someone who is Dutch I've never in my life met someone who's like this. But what would I know, I never leave the attic

  26. Need the garden so loud that Jimmy can’t hear his thoughts when he’s got the ball Let’s Go!

  27. Seppuku with a bear claw at center court of the Fed Ex Forum opening day

  28. If the plane isn’t full and it’s possible to arrange an extra seat. It’s courteous for the airline to do it imo. It wouldn’t cost them extra and their customer gets a better experience. Like if they know there’s an empty row available in the plane where the customer would be more comfortable why not allow them to have the extra space.

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